Friday Fun Pic – part 2

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I know what you’re thinking….this isn’t a very fun picture.  It’s a three…a pretty jazzy three.  Nice sharp contrast of red on white encompassed by the lovely blue circle.  A nice touch of red, white and blue just in time for independence day.  More importantly it’s a symbol…..of our new position on the adoption waiting list!  We got word today of more referrals that have bumped us to number three.  See, three really is a magic number.


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Just a quick shout out today as we’ve just returned from the zoo and I’m beat.  Beer lovers out there be sure to check your local watering hole or liquor store for one of our favorites Fat Tire

The New Belgium Brewery based in Ft. Collins, CO produces some mighty fine beer not normally available East of the Mississippi.  Thanks to some divine beer gods, it is now available in Chicago (and elsewhere I’m sure) in absolutely beautiful 22 oz. inaugural bottles that just about bring me to tears. Even if you’re not a beer drinker its worth checking out their website.  They operate their entire brewery on wind power..and have since 1988.  Anyway, I’m tired and couldn’t think of a real post so I offer this up for your pure enjoyment.

A little perspective

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I’m feeling a bit down on myself today having returned from the disgusting task of bathing suit shopping.  Viewing all the cellulite and varicose veins on my body and coming to terms with the fact that the best suit that fit me was actually a maternity suit.  So I’m down on me, feeling sorry for me and my ugly body knowing full well that a little restraint in the eating department and increase in physical activity would certainly do a world of good to lift my spirits.  It’s all in my control – I have the power to change how I look and feel.

So I decided to surf some blogs I like to read and as commonly happens, I found myself way off track from my original search and landed at Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  This is a non-profit organization that specializes in infant bereavement photography to help create memories for parents experiencing the death of a baby.  The site contains beautiful images of families preserving the moments they share together.  It is highly moving and the images are real so please if you decide to visit the site, be aware you may not leave it the same person you are prior to visiting. 

Many of the infertile blogs I visit deal with loss of a child, something I cannot even fathom.  In fact to this day I am grateful that I never experienced a miscarriage especially after having Sophie.  I cannot imagine the depth of loss one must feel and perhaps always wondering what would my child be like if they had survived.

I think most people come to terms with this loss and take heart in thinking that it’s God’s way.  But for me, I would always be torn apart by that loss. Just visiting this website brought me to tears and I cannot imagine the strength these families have to hold them together.  I hope no one you know, or you yourself, are ever in need of these services.  But if you do, or someone you know and love does, I hope you remember this site and help them preserve these precious memories.


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Most people who know me know that I am a very vivid dreamer.  Even to the point of being absolutely absurd….seriously absurd.  Last night I had a pretty average dream but am so thankful I remembered it. 

I won't bore you with the nitty gritty details of the dream because honestly it wasn't that exciting or absurd.  The gist of the dream was that I had been traveling with my friend Carole and recall some specifics about the inside of the airplane.  I also recall how thankful I was that I didn't have to lug my stroller around with me because it would make travel so much easier.  We disembark from the plane and I'm walking through the terminal that is very sparse, almost industrial feeling.  There are other people going about their travel business and as I am walking through the terminal, that seems to have no end, I keep looking back for someone.  I have the distinct feeling that I'm searching for someone specific and wondering if they are searching for me.  Then I catch a glimpse….

It's him.  I can see his shoulder because he is wearing a deep navy pinstriped suit and it is in such contrast to everyone else he is easy to follow through the crowd.  But I can't see his face to see if he is looking for me too.  I feel we have spent time together on the trip I am returning from but I am afraid that I'm more into him than he is into me.  If I could only see his face I might be able to see if he is looking for me.  There are too many people between us and although I want to see him, I continue walking away from him.  I keep looking back to see if he is looking for me but I still can't see his face.  I know his gate is coming up soon so I stop and slowly turn to see if I can see him.  Can I see him seeing me?  And I do see him….and slowly he looks towards me…..and he is seeing me….and he wants to see me….and he gives me his signature smile and I know that he wanted to see me…..and he slowly turns into the departure area for his flight…..and he is gone.  But he wanted to see me….sigh….

Who was he, I hope you're asking.  It was one of my favorite men…and I love when I dream about people I'm crushing on.  Especially because my dreams are so real from an emotional standpoint.  Ok, ok…it was him:

Anderson Cooper.  And I know why it was him…besides the fact that I have always liked men with salt-and-pepper hair, his sharp features and piercing blue eyes that he so perfectly accents with crisp blue shirts and ties, I placed a reserve on his memoir Dispatches from the Edge at the library last week.  A girl's got to dream, doesn't she?

F-ing Basement

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Our house was built in 1952 or 1956, I can't remember which, and originally was a two bedroom one bathroom ranch with a basement.  At some point a second level was added with two additional bedrooms and one additional bath and it looks just like a Cape Cod.  Cute, quaint, cozy and I love it.  Except for the f-ing basement.

Half of the basement isn't really an f-ing basement: its actually quite nice.  The people who owned the house before us finished it with a nice berber carpet and horrid yellow/green paint.  We repainted it about 6 months ago and it made a huge difference.  Ed put in some can lighting a couple of months ago and we can actually enjoy it as a living space.  We could enjoy it….if it weren't for the f-ing part of the basement.

The f-ing part of the basement is the multipurpose catch-all shit hole that I abhore.  It is where the furnace, hot water heater, beer fridge, washer and dryer reside along with the 10,000 species of spiders and centipedes or some freakish cousin of theirs.  I HATE that I have to step one foot into this space and practically break out in a cold sweat every time I have to do laundry.

On Wednesday I was minding my own business in the deep recesses of said shit hole trying to load and unload the washer and dryer as quickly as possible so as not to awaken any mysterious creature the likes of which can only be compared to those deep sea dwelling prehistoric monsters.  When something caught my eye….out of the corner of my eye.  I thought perhaps it was a stray hair as I was not feeling particularly well that morning and opted out of a shower for the day.  When I straightened myself out to get a better look…..UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH… was a spider web WITH A SPIDER STILL ATTACHED TO IT.   STUCK IN MY HAIR!!!!!  I will leave to your imagination the wildly flailing arms, vigorous head scratching, manic jumping and string of foul language it took to remove the spider from my hair. 

That is why I hate the f-ing basement.

Pinch me

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This song from the Barenaked Ladies has been running through my head for the last 16 or so hours.  You see, I emailed our Social Worker yesterday because when referrals to our agency had all but stopped we had to make some executive decisions about our adoption journey. 

One of those decisions was to go ahead and submit our I600A to USCIS even though we had not been directed to do so by our Social Worker.  We figured that if things didn't start moving by the time our 171H was approved, we would be moving on to another agency or program.  It was a bit scary and rebellious to make this move but we agreed we need to take some action into our own hands.

Then the referrals started coming….and we were told we were number twelve on the list.  Four days later we moved to number eight.  Our agency was given an onslaught of referrals – we're talking seven referrals since May 31st.  I figured it was time to tell our social worker that we had "broken the rules" and submitted our I600A.  I wanted to be sure she was aware so that there wouldn't be any problems down the road. We had, after all, submitted this so there wouldn't be any delays or problems down the road.

She was supportive of our decision and not worried that it would cause any problems as we continue in the process.  She said she would handle submitting the supporting documentation (our home study) at the appropriate time.  And I felt total relief about coming clean.  And then, in an almost after thought kind of way she happens to mention that they received two more referrals this week.  By her calculations, that moves us into the number six position…..someone please pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Friday Fun Pic

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I wish I could take credit for this post idea but I must confess, I stole it from another blog that I can't remember just now.  I hop around to so many some days, it s hard to keep track. 

This is Miss Sophie Bean enjoying her pool over Memorial Day weekend. I wish I could freeze her right here and allow her to continue to grow as well.  Happy Friday everyone!

Guilty Pleasures…installment #2

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My FAVORITE reality show, Big Brother, started last night!  Woo hoo!!!!  This year the idea is for America to vote for some of their favorite characters from past seasons to populate the Big Brother house.  The 3 men and 3 women receiving the most votes are guaranteed entrance to the house which starts airing new episodes on July 12th on CBS.  I'm not sure how the remaining 7 house guests will be choosen.

The idea is they take strangers and put them in a house isolated from all television, radio, telephone, etc.  During their stay they perform tasks that are both physical and mental for certain rewards.  Some rewards are luxury rewards, material prizes, trips, or food.  There are two coveted prizes: the first is Head of Household or HOH.  This position grants a private living suite for the current HOH which includes goodies and pictures from home.  The HOH nominates two house guests for eviction which the remaining house guests vote on.  Jut prior to eviction, there is another competition for the second coveted prize: the power of Veto or POV.  The winner of POV can use their Veto to remove one of the two house guests from the eviction block at which time the HOH must nominate another house guest in the veto'd house guests place.  If a house guest who is up for eviction wins POV, they can use it to save themselves.

It sounds a little complicated but it's not that bad. If you enjoy a little mindless television viewing, check it out (Come on Carole!!!).  You have to stick with it for a couple of weeks though because it takes a little time for all the personalities to start blending. 

I've picked my top 6 house guests above and hope to see them in the BB7 house in July.  You can check out the show details and personal profiles at CBS:Big Brother 7. Give it a try…you just may like it!

Reunion…si or no?

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So it's been 20 years, gasp, since I've graduated from High School.  Born 1968, graduated 1986…always thought that was kinda cool.  Anyway, our reunion is August 12 and I'm feeling the pressure to go.  For the most part I think if I didn't go I would be fine with it.  But there is that small part of me that thinks what if I miss something.  What would I miss?  Honestly, I have no clue.  So I thought maybe I would try to come up with a pro/con list to help me make my decision.  So here we go….

Con: I'm carrying about 10 lbs. more than I would like to have on me.  Reality is, I kinda don't care in my day-to-day comfortable-with-my-friends mode but in the holy-crap-you-look-like-crap what-happened-to-you reunion mode, I'm not so sure I want to subject myself to that.  Pro: I'm not saying this to be catty or judgemental, I'm just offering it as a truthful observation.  I've run into some people from High School and I'm not so bad off.

Con: It costs $95 per person.  Pro: That $95 includes 2 hours of open bar and if I really apply myself, I may be able to make the cost worth it.

Con: I don't have a thing to wear.  Honestly, I don't.  Pro: My cousin is getting married in September so I can buy a new outfit and wear it to both events.  Different people so no one will be the wiser.

Con: Having people inquire about my accomplishments since high school and ultimately THE QUESTION.  Are you going to have any more children?  Pro: Being able to share our incredible adoption journey.

Con:  Having some asshole I probably didn't really know in High School anyway make some comment about how international adoption is such the thing to do right now.  Pro:  Hopefully being drunk enough to make a witty comeback comment that stops them dead in their tracks.

OK, so I think I've gotten a bit off track here.  The real issue is I think I was a pretty quiet person back in High School.  I had a lot of friends but was afraid to put myself out there too much for fear that people would reject me and not like me.  So I was friendly with a lot of people but instead dated a loser guy who didn't like my friends.  In response, I blew off my friends and hung with him.  I didn't go to a lot of parties and don't have a lot of the same memories as most of my friends do because they were hanging out outside of school and I was not.

My fear is that I won't have anything interesting to say or ask of others.  I think these are the possible outcomes:  1.  I get drunk and don't remember who I talk to or what I say and am pissed because not only have I now spent $200 on just the admission alone, I have no memory of the evening what so ever.  2.  I control my nervous drinking and sweat bullets all night wondering what the hell I have to say to anyone there while I cling to my friends who are way more outgoing than I am.  Hell…it will be just like High School all over again.

Welcome Home!

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A heartfelt welcome home to Beth, Ron and daughter Eva as they travel from China today.  We hope your trip was amazing, aside from the obvious, and we're all looking forward to meeting Eva at the family reunion in August!

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