The Waiting is the Hardest Part

July 19, 2006 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Adoption Updates | 1 Comment

I almost always, and I mean always, have a song running through my head.  Since Sophie has been born it has been some twisted version of a nursery rhyme or cartoon character theme song.  Most recently its the theme to the Little Einsteins whom she absolutely loves…I mean, she told me she loves Quincy.  WTF?  She hasn’t even said she loves me!!!

I digress….the song running through my head these days is The Waiting by Tom Petty.  How perfectly appropriate, huh?  I really feel as though as I’m doing a good job with the waiting.  It’s summer and we’re busy hanging out and enjoying the sun and fun and a summer home in WI.  We have a very funny and active 2-1/2 year old to keep me more than occupied 24/7.  I was doing a really good job with the waiting, especially since things moved really quickly through the month of June. 

But suddenly I find myself counting minutes since I’ve checked the internet (our agency updates their waiting list via the web) or glanced at the phone to see if I’ve missed a call.  I keep thinking, What will we do with Sophie when the SW calls with our referral?  (They’ve requested that we not bring her to their office when we review our referral).  Who will watch her?  How can we keep our referral a secret until we are ready to accept it and surprise our families if we have to arrange for someone to watch Sophie?

I think the root of this anxiety is from an exchange with said SW last week regarding our adoption.  Long story short and to save you the drama of the saga, we requested she do something for us that we felt was not outrageous and she basically refused.  So I’ve decided that I don’t really need to call her because at the moments she isn’t being all that helpful to me and I’m still a but upset about our last exchange.  For the time being I can wait until we get “the call” to talk to her.  But I didn’t really think that the wait would become so difficult….


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  1. Just remember … The BEST things in life are worth waiting for.

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