Friday Fun Pic – part 8

August 24, 2006 at 7:43 pm | Posted in Friday Fun Pic | 2 Comments

In the midst of my blahness I started thinking about all the things that make me blah.  As my train of thought rambled I came to my most blahist time always: winter.  I hate winter.  I hate snow.  I hate being cold.  I hate being wet and cold.  But there is always the anticipation of crisp fall weather and even the first couple of snow falls.  Truly, though, we are all pretty much over it by January 2nd.  So I came across this picture we took from our bedroom window this past winter:

And even though I hate winter and hate being cold and wearing 10,000 layers to keep warm, there is a simplistic beauty in its stillness.  Can’t you just imagine the winter silence surrounding these suburban streets in the early hours of the morning?



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  1. That is beautiful. Thank you for that. I love snowy mornings when it seems like the whole world is asleep.

  2. […] We know we still have a difficult leg of the journey ahead of us.  Now that we know who “Brother” is, I hope the wait to hold him in our arms isn’t as difficult as it has been at times for the wait to see his face.  We are hoping he will travel by late January 2007 and anything earlier will be nothing short of a miracle.  Anything is possible but we are realistic and January isn’t that far away.  […]

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