That which doesn’t kill us…

September 20, 2006 at 10:35 am | Posted in Sophie stuff | Leave a comment

Makes us stronger, right?  Today was day 2 of pre-school for Sophie and I’m not sure who feels worse: me or her.  We pulled into the parking lot and she blurted out, “I don’t like school!” and in typical Mom fashion I replied, “Of course you do!”  Thus began a 20 minute stream of consciousness diversion conversation that ultimately worked in distracting my fragile bean so I could abandon her in the care of strangers.

OK, that’s a bit harsh but the stress headache I’m fighting right now sure makes it seem it was that ruthless.  I decided to treat myself to a cup of coffee since my only destination during my break in parenting is to take my grandmother to the airport.  On the way to Panera, I had this conversation with myself:

You know she’ll be fine once they start playing.  But what if she doesn’t play and stands in the corner and cries the whole time.  She won’t.  The teachers won’t let her be miserable.  This is good for her social development. Yeah, but I can take her other places to develop her socially where I can stay.  Do you really want to fight the battle when it comes time to go to “real” school?  But by then she’ll be so much older and so much more mature than she is now.  She’ll never remember this being a difficult time.  Does that make it ok if you don’t remember?  There will come a day when she won’t even kiss you good-bye because she is so anxious to see her friends.  I know….I know…’s just hard letting go.  And this is only pre-school.


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