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October 11, 2006 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Adoption Updates | 2 Comments

I’ve been such a bad blogger lately.  Slacker, gen-x’er, lazy all around.  I think there hasn’t been anything really floating around in my mind that I’ve wanted or seemed worthy of sharing.  I still feel that way but seeing as how someone is still coming around to check out the blog, I feel as though I owe you a new post.

What I’ve been thinking most about is all the hub-bub surrounding Madonna and is she or isn’t she adopting a little boy from Africa.  Can you, for one moment, imagine being that little boy?  Fortunately he has no idea what kind of media circus is swirling outside his village.  But with our information age and the long-term sustainability of information some day he may know.  Regardless if Madonna adopts him or not, his life has forever changed.  And for what?  Publicity?  Jumping on the celebrity bandwagon of international adoption?  Will we ever know?

I mean, really, do you think Madonna, Meg Ryan and Angelia Jolie went through the miles of paperwork “regular” adoptive parents have to negotiate?  Did they attend parenting classes and learn about attachment parenting and bonding issues common in institutionalized children?  Did they schlep down to the local USCIS office and have their fingerprints taken?  Twice?  Did they wait for their I600A to be approved and wait anxiously to hear of their referral?  Does their Social Worker have to constantly refresh their memory regarding their adoption status?  Did they hang by pins and needles waiting for “the call” regarding their travel status?

I’m guessing no…to all of the above.  What is their adoption reality?  I have no idea…I probably don’t want to know.  But what I hate the most about this is that it perpetuates the fallacy that adoption is easy.  And it perpetuates the perception that money really does make all the difference.

Edited to add:  apparently Meg Ryan did pursue her adoption through “normal” channels and spoke about it on Oprah.  You can read a little about it here.



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  1. Yes. Totally. And I agree it sucks. People who are rich are considered special in this country and in many others. I am not sure of the correlation or where it came from but we value it pretty highly. I wonder if those people that selfless adopt disabled children by the truck load get a break either? I bet not if they are not wealthy.

    Adoption should not be “easy” but it should also not be ridiculously hard. Good luck and think of your new dear little one. I hope your cold gets better.

  2. I don’t know about Angelina, but Meg Ryan went through the same process as every other person adopting from China. Including a nearly two year waiting period and attending classes and having Soc. Services visiting your house.

    Not every celebrity is the same.

    I tried emailing you twice to get info about Meg Ryan’s journey but your email came back undeliverable.  I’d be interested to read about her “normal” journey if it was that….is it documented anywhere in any interview???

    Apparenty it was documented on Oprah…ugh.  That’s a blog entry for another day.  But seeing as how it’s filmed I guess there is a record of her two year journey.  You can read a little about it here.

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