October 30, 2006 at 7:21 am | Posted in Sophie stuff | 3 Comments

At this time three years ago today I was checking in to Lutheran General Hospital to be induced.  I was nervous, anxious and in a general fog of denial that I was finally going to have a baby.  It was such a surreal experience almost like checking into a hotel.  The nurses knew who I was and were all ready for me.  It certainly wasn’t how I had expected to enter the hospital.  (Imagine the worst soap opera birthing experience you can recall with profuse sweating and screaming….intense labor, woman yelling at her husband, “I can’t do this…..I can’t do this…”)

Now as I look back the day was mostly a blur with vivid images I can recall.  The labor was in some respects so much more intense than I ever imagined but also no where near as bad as I imagined.  I’m sure that had mostly to do with the anesthesiologist…whom I still love to this day. 

At 5:56 pm she was here.  She was perfect.  She was ours.  And this was what I saw the very first time I saw her:

I just couldn’t believe how perfect she is.  And that she was living inside of me.  And I couldn’t believe how much I already loved her even though this was the first time I was seeing her.

I cannot believe….I mean really believe that it has been three years since this day.  There are times when it seems as though she was born just yesterday.  And there are times when it feels like she has been with us for so much longer.   So my precious Bean…this day is for you.  I love you more every minute I am with you and I hope that some day I can convey to you how much you mean to me.  Thank you for being my Bean..




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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Sophie!
    I still remember the day your mom told us she was pregnant. We waited so long to meet you… and now you are a precocious 3 year old who is about to be a big sister!

    Love You,
    Aunt Amanda, Uncle Chad, Cole and Reese

  2. Happy Birthday to you….. (in a soft wisper of course)

    My how time flies! I can cry today looking at the pictures of you just like we cried the day we found out you were coming.

    You were then and you are today PERFECT.

    Happy 3rd Birthday!

    We love you –

    Aunt Sara, Uncle Pat, Jack, Butt and Cake

  3. Happy Birthday Sophie! I can still remember how I couldn’t wait for your mommy and daddy to come home with you three years ago today. You were so worth the wait. I talked to you in your mommy’s belly, and I even guessed your name. I am so lucky to have you close by. I wish you a very happy birthday with many, many more to come.


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