Video Killed the Radio Star

November 29, 2006 at 11:19 am | Posted in Sophie stuff | 1 Comment

I have to admit that one of the “bad” parenting things I do is allow Bean to watch cartoons.  I do severely limit what she can watch – Dora, Diego, Charlie and Lola, Backyardigans, Sesame Street…and that’s about it.  Part of her birthday present this year was a subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine because she really seems to like animals.  So far the best part of this gift has been the punch-out animal trading cards and the free blow-up globe beach ball.

With Henry on his way I thought what a great idea to teach Bean where we lived on the globe-ball and where South Korea is.  A small way for her to connect to the idea of her brother and where he is at.  I was really shocked how little effort and time it took to teach her where the US was and where South Korea was.  I genius of course!  How could she be anything less than a genius with such an awesome mother for a teacher!  I, of course, have taken every opportunity to flaunt her geographical genius to anyone and everyone who walks through our front door.

Imagine my surprise when she starts inquiring about Canada.  Following her lead and desire to learn more, we start talking about Mexico (where Grandma and Dad have both recently traveled).  She inquires about Australia telling me it’s very, very far away.  I’m thinking I have my own Little Man Tate on my hands and how am I going to harness and focus her intellect in the right direction?

We move on to countries close to South Korea. When I point out China she says, “That’s where the Great Wall is.”  OK, now I’m seriously starting to sweat.  I point out Russia and she says, “That’s where the Palace is.”  We move on to Europe and I show her England where Dad has traveled.  Ireland where I’ve traveled.  France and another quip from Einstein, “That’s where the Tower is.”  We move South through Africa  stopping briefly on Mali which was featured in her latest National Geographic Kids magazine.  Then a quick stop in Namibia and quick jaunt over to Malawi so I can interject my disdain for the popularity of celebrity adoption stories that have gotten blown out of proportion in the media.  As we travel North I  mention Tanzania and she says, “That’s where the Mountain is.”  I’m really struggling to figure out how she knows these things….I’m really getting nervous…..

Then it hits me.  My superstar, my genius, my Einstein….is merely recalling these geographical landmarks from memory.  Memory implanted by an amazing explorer that has traveled the great vastness of our world and documented it in it’s glory.  Do you know of whom I’m speaking?  Why Dora of course.  Dora the Explorer.  It finally hits me that Bean received Dora’s World Adventure for her birthday in which Swiper swipes friendship bracelets from around the world and must return them to Dora’s friends.  They just so happen to be stationed at the Eiffel Tower in France, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, The Great Palace in Russia and The Great Wall of China.  Oh well….guess it goes to show that videos aren’t all that bad.


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  1. LOL! We went through a similar epiphany after Tessa’s many viewing of Little Einstein’s Big Huge Adventure where they travel to Mexico, Paris, New York City, etc. 🙂

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