Friday Fun Pic – part 21

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Shadow dancing in the basement….because Bean got a kick-ass princess flashlight for Christmas.



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It must be getting close to crunch time.  I had a dream this morning that we decided to board a plane in an effort to expedite our adoption.  I’m not sure why I thought this was a good idea but it seemed to be the most logical thing to do.  I have a feeling we were going to use our power of persuasion with the agency in Korea to let us bring Henry home.   Two problems:  we were at the airport, had already purchased our tickets, our flight left in one hour and I didn’t have any of our adoption paperwork with us.  We were also flying to China, not Korea.  Sigh…

Happy Holidays

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Friday Fun Pic – part 20

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What a difference a few weeks makes…..on December 1 I posted this picture taken from our house looking out over our back yard:

It was so exciting and fun…the first snow of the year….and here it is today.  Not the exact same view but close.  The tree you see in the above picture is just barely in the frame on the left:

Note how saturated the ground is both in the foreground and the background.  Considering the temperature (close to 50 today) we could almost go swimming back there. 

Here’s a shot from December 1 out the front across the street:

So pretty….so winter….so Christmas.  And here we are this morning:

Note the second pool on the left side of the picture…a more appropriate wading pool for the little ones.  It’s hard to tell from this picture but there is basically a river running through our front yard (ok well a small stream) that comes from up the street and runs under our driveway then into a sewer opening that I think crosses under the street.

My point?  Well none I guess…other than I’m trying really hard not to complain that it’s December 22 and it’s 50 and if it wasn’t for the second day of rain in a row, Bean and I would have been heading to the zoo today.  I guess we’ll have to settle for either a jammie day or a jaunt out to see Charlotte’s Web.

Check these out…

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For lack of a better idea because honestly my head is filled with thoughts of sugar plum fairies and all things Christmas, I offer up some more things I’m diggin’.  This time I’m focusing on mother’s jewlery because I think I really want to indulge in something that celebrates my muthahood without being tacky.  I’ll offer apologies up front to any mothers out there sporting the more traditional approach to mother’s jewlery.  Those who know me know my approach to my appearance is pretty low key and I just can’t pull the traditional look off.  So here we go:

The first designer that caught my eye was Mommy Tags– very hip, very minimalist sterling silver dog tag type charms on a beaded necklace.  Some bonus features of these tags are they’re made from recycled film and handcrafted by stay at home mom’s.  Not only do they feature tags for Mom but for Dad and kids as well.  They’re so hip and cool celebrity Mom’s Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox Arquette, Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Messing sport Mommy Tags of their very own.

I had previously posted about a thumbprint charm by Tina Steinberg that I would really love to have made once  Henry is home.  (Edited to add that Ms. Steinberg commented on the blog and indicated that her designs to catch the ridges in fingerprints and are organically hand made rather than machine pressed.  Excellent and thanks for the clarification!!!)  Then I came across a similar approach made by Magic Dog Studiosthat takes the process step further.  See the Tina Steinberg approach is basically just an indentation in metal but the Magic Dog Studios actually captures the ridges in fingerprints for you to wear close to your heart.  They can also translate your favorite art images created by your children into charms.  This site is a must see…amazing stuff, really.

I’m not sure how I came across Holly Marie Jewlery but it was most likely via Mommies With Style or Junk in our Trunk.  Anyway she does an amazing job of offering up not only simplistic stamped name charms but really delicate and tasteful mini photo charms that are the bomb.  Her site is really worth a good look.

Finally I offer up Suzanne Myers jewlery.  Again along the same concept lines as I’ve mentioned above but a little more rustic looking.  She also has the option to add beading to each creation to truly make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is customized for you alone.

So although I missed the Christmas wish list window, there is still plenty of time to hint around for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  Just think, it would take all the guesswork out of it for your husband/significant other/partner and you’d both be happy.  Sounds like a good deal on both ends.

Water logged

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We made it through our trip to the Dells without a scratch…well there was one huge forehead knot sustained the final day but the patient is recovering with no permanent damage.  Here are a couple of shots from our weekend:

Bean and her cousin hanging out after swimming and a quick bite to eat:

It is always a good idea when trying to decide on your first tattoo to consult your much older and wiser 5  year old cousin:

and finally, isn’t it great that when you’ve just had enough you can close your eyes and grab a power nap:

Friday Fun Pic – part 19

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We’re headed to the lake house today – we haven’t been there since early October and figured we should really check on the place.  On Saturday we’re headed to the Wisconsin Dells with my sisters and their kids for a couple of days of water park fun.  This will be our third trip there and each time we have a ton of fun and build more memories.  Which got me thinking about the past and past memories.  So today I offer up this nugget:

I’m fairly certain we had this picture taken for my Mom for Christmas some time in the ’80’s…but I guess by the wicked hot fashion and rad hair that wasn’t too difficult to figure out.  Left to right would be my sister Amanda, my sister Sara and myself…with braces….when I was 20.  Nice.


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These are the moments that melt my heart…

Oh Canada

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We took Bean to her first hockey game Sunday night and she had an absolute blast!  Actually we were very, very fortunate to have been invited by most excellent neighbor CJ to a skybox.  I wish I had waited to take the picture because you pretty much can’t even tell where she is. 

I included a quick shot of the “boys” as Bean called them warming up on the ice.

I tell you, once you see how the other half lives, it’s hard to come back to reality.

Three Amigos

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Ok, enough of the cat mourning.  Each day has gotten a bit better but I’m telling you I keep looking for him in the shadows.  And I SWEAR that I’ve heard him meow.  I think he may be haunting me…

On to happier things…..we were so fortunate to attend a holiday celebration at our adoption agency on Saturday.  I’ve mentioned the Fab Four in previous posts and although Henry is not yet home, we had a great time visiting with his future playmates this weekend.  Pictured left to right are Grant, Luke and Alex:

I have to admit that the first 10 or so minutes we were there I was feeling a bit emotional about being around all the children that are home while Henry is still half a world away.  But it was great to see so many happy families and know that our time is coming near.  I hope come January we’ve got his approved visa and are just waiting for the travel call.

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