The Long and Short of It

January 8, 2007 at 8:24 am | Posted in Adoption Updates | 6 Comments

In an attempt to rid myself of the nausea that has plagued me since last week I thought I would come clean with our potential adoption snafu.  First let me give a shout out to the Fab Four for helping me through a difficult week and giving me the much needed guidance during this little bump in the road.

So there was somthing nagging at me about our adoption paperwork and just a general feeling that something wasn’t right.  I honestly don’t really know why I felt something was off but as hard as I tried I just couldn’t shake it.  I only had a feeling that something was amiss…no proof.

My hunch?  That our visa approval was taking too long.  We had received the first part of our visa approval in early November but what we are waiting on is the final approval and proof that it has been cabled to the consulate in Korea.  I posted messages on two adoption boards and didn’t get a single response…don’t get me started on that.   I’m just starting to emotionally recover.  But I did find information posted on referencing a 6 week approval timeframe for the second portion of the visa.  We were already at 9 weeks and no word from Immigration.

I emailed my Social Worker and waited for a response.  Yes, waited.  It took her almost 3 days to respond in which time I had already taken charge of the situation.    Now throughout our adoption process said Social Worker had put the fear of God in us regarding contacting immigration.  There are certain protocols to follow in this crazy paperwork process and asking for a status update when it isn’t really warranted is a big no-no.  There were rumors of applications be reprocessed to the bottom of the pile and forms being misplaced for those who dare not respect the power of the sole Orphan Officer that staffs the Chicago USCIS office.  (Yes, sole officer in that only ONE person processes international adoption paperwork in the Chicago USCIS office.  Seriously DON’T get me started on that one).

I decided to take out our paperwork and give it another read through.  I don’t know what it is about fondling the massive amounts of paperwork we’ve completed in this process but it always makes me feel better.  I think it is the actual physical touch of things accomplished that is comforting.  It’s instant affirmation that we’ve come so far and are so close to the end of the paperchase. 

I read the letter accompanying the first portion of our visa approval and it mentions the necessity of an adoption endorsement letter from DCFS to be retained with our visa application.  That’s it!  That is my in…I can call DCFS to ensure the endorsement letter has been sent to USCIS.  That way I can check on part of our application, know that all is well, put my mind at ease and relax.  So I call DCFS…way less scary than calling immigration.  They are very nice and informative….except they scare the living crap out of me by confirming my hunch.  Something may be wrong….

The issue?  The DCFS endorsement letter, which basically states DCFS says it’s OK for us to adopt Henry, was sent to immigration before immigration approved our application.  What’s the big deal?  Well there is a possibility that the endorsement letter was never matched to our visa application properly because it came in too early.  Meaning the visa application was still waiting for the endorsement letter and our application could be sitting on the bottom of the pile.  DCFS urges me to request a status check from immigration…..great…..

I call immigration and get a voicemail message that basically states that they don’t answer their phone directly and you have to leave a message.  But you can only leave a message if it’s an emergency and paperwork problems don’t count as an emergency unless you are traveling in the next 24 hours or you are stuck in-country somewhere.  You must email their office and await a response.  But they are closed on January 1 for the new year.  And January 2nd in observance of former President Ford’s passing.  Ugh.  So I email their office on Friday, December 29 and head into the New Year’s weekend with the resolution to drink my way through the wait.

I do finally receive an email from my Social Worker telling me that I should email immigration.  Yeah, thanks for that timely response.  I let her know it’s underway and mention that I’m hoping for a response before Friday, January 5 so I can relax through the weekend.  She basically tells me not to hold my breath and if I don’t hear from them by the 12th I should email them again.  Great…things are really starting to look up now.

My body is in full stress reaction mode but interestingly enough, my emotional state is strong.  I don’t feel emotionally stressed because honestly there is nothing more I can do at this point and I’m feeling much better that I’ve taken the steps to get the inquiry rolling.  But my head is killing me and my stomach is all jacked up and I’m not sleeping well at all.  I’m wondering how I’m going to make it until the 12th if it comes to that.  I’m checking my email so frequently I’m convinced that I’ve somehow jammed it up and I’m not receving any messages.  I’m seriously losing it…..

On Thursday, Jan 4, I see it.  A response from immigration.  I’m sweatting.  I’m afraid to open it.  My hands are shaking.  I open it…I’m going to throw up.  This is what it says:

The I-600 approval will be cabled to the consulate on Monday.  You will get an 171-D in the mail within the next 10 days. 

Monday…that is today.  Today.  That means that in theory we can get the travel call any day after today.  Any.  Day.  Of course there is a part of me that won’t believe the visa was actually sent until I have the 171-D in my hands.   But the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter…..



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  1. FANTASTIC! You’re almost there!

    – BC
    – Regrets not having found this blog earlier

  2. I am so so glad that you called immgigration. I can’t wait to get that crazy, ecstatic call from you once you get THE CALL! 🙂

  3. Dude…sheesh. All that for one boy king.

    I can’t wait to hear and I am keeping my fingers crossed.


  4. Congratulations, sounds like you’re one step closer!!

  5. OhMaGoodness! Congrats. You may yet surface from under that mound of paperwork.
    Good luck!

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog. I can relate to all your adoption issues. We have adopted two little girls from Guatemala these past two years, and we had our own roadblocks. It is a tough journey that will test every part of your being. I am happy that you are one step closer. Good luck and I hope you bring your little one home soon.

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