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February 4, 2007 at 11:18 pm | Posted in Adoption Updates | 9 Comments

WE MADE IT!!!!  Ok Seoul is crazy busy with people just everywhere.  We stayed right near the Seoul Tower last night – could even see it from our hotel room.  Walked a short distance from the hotel to a small shopping area and had fun people watching.  We took the recommendation of the concierge at the hotel and ate a fab Korean bbq dinner at Don Valley.  (T – I ate Kimchi and LIKED IT!)  We headed out this morning for the agency and our meeting with Henry.

The meeting was short – only an hour – but we did actually get some alone time with Henry (about 15 min).  I was a bit nervous because the social worker had explained that he is just starting to go through stranger anxiety but he didn’t cry at all.  He was a little fussy but we think that is because he is just one active little guy.  He loves to be held under the arms so he can jump up and down…seriously.  His foster mother, Mrs. Lee, said he likes to do it for up to 30 min.  I should have been pumping iron.

We have arranged a second meeting for Wednesday afternoon which will be excellent.  More time to spend with Mrs. Lee as we can see how deeply she cares for Henry.  She presented us with a Hanbok (traditional Korean dress), a set of children’s books, one of his favorite blankets, a burp rag (apparently he spits up a bit and she is worried about our clothes) and two photo albums of pictures she has taken since Henry has been placed in her care.  It’s sooooo emotional…she’s taken the time and care to write on the backs of the photos and you can really see how he’s become a part of their lives over the past 6 months.  In all the excitement I forgot to give the Social Worker her gift!!  I’m so embarrassed.

 Ok so if you’ve even read anything that I’ve written to scanned down first for the pictures and been kind enough to read the above..thanks.  Here’s what you’re really looking for:

Here is Ed with Henry

 Here’s a shot of me with Henry:

Can you stand the cuteness??



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  1. He is the cutest! I can’t wait for Sophie to wake up and see him. What a great gift from Mrs. Lee to have his pictures. I am really at a loss for words to express how happy I am for you and Ed. Can’t wait to see him on Thursday. Love you all. Mom

  2. Oh Amy, Ed….I totally restrained from scanning down and read it all first and I was already teary before I got to the pictures. Congratulations and love and kisses forever. How wonderful. Truly, wonderful.

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  4. Oh my God, he’s awesome! I love his hair too!!! Enjoy the next couple days until you see him again. Can’t wait to see you guys!


  5. Congratulations! He is the cutest! – and I love the stand up hair! I am so excited to see him on Thursday and I am so so so excited for your growing family. Travel safe.

  6. YAY!!!!! I was counting the minutes last night–knowing you were about to finally hold Henry in your arms. All three of you look so happy. He is beautiful (yes, you can still say that about boys). 🙂 Have fun in Seoul–soak up as much as you can. I am sure he will want to hear all about it someday. Big hugs all ’round-k

  7. He is so beautiful! I am so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your journey with me!

  8. Very handsome young man and happy parents!

  9. YUM Kimchee!!! Chris and I laughed out loud reading that you actually liked it. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. AGain, Henry is so beautiful(that’s right K, boys ARE beautiful!)and handsome. Love, T

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