Safe and Sound

February 9, 2007 at 8:17 am | Posted in Adoption Updates | 6 Comments

Feet are on the ground and our heads are in a fog.  Trying to get caught up on sleep so please forgive me if it takes a couple of days to post.

Boy King did great on the flights home.  On our 10 hour flight from Tokyo to Chicago he slept for 7 hours.  Straight.  Amazing.  Well now we’re paying for it.  He slept from 8 pm to 12:30am then from 1:15 am to 2:30 am and didn’t go back down until 6 am.  Now the sleep deprivation training starts.  Well, maybe tomorrow.  As for now we’re (Ed and I) sleeping in shifts to get caught up.  Guess who’s on duty now?


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  1. Welcome back!

  2. So glad to hear that he did so well on the flight. It will take a few weeks for him to be totally back to normal. The good news is he will probably sleep more during this time.

    Congratulations Amy. As someone posted earlier, your mommy for the second time! Same advice goes from the first time around, sleep when the baby sleep. I bet it was priceless to see Bean and Boy King together….. 🙂 k

  3. So glad you had an uneventful flight. Henry will figure out the time change soon enough and your sleeplness nights will be over! Just rest as much as you can now to get through the initial roughness.


  4. I am so glad to have my neighbors/friends back where they belong…at home! I missed you a ton and am here if you need anything. It was great to meet Henry last night, he is awesome! I’m anxious to hear more about your trip to Korea and the wild experiences you encountered, but there’s plenty of time for that. Rest up and update your blog often…CJ

  5. Totally tearing up. So happy for you all. Hang in there.

    MUCH love, Cole

  6. WOO HOO! So happy you are home! I can’t wait for more pics!

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