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Yeah, I know I am.  Honestly I tell you this two child thing is much harder than I ever anticipated.  Bean is SUCH a trooper…I can’t even put into words how patient, kind and understanding she has been since we got home.  Boy King is adjusting well.  He got his days and nights turned around pretty quickly and he actually is sleeping 12 hours at night.  Nice…at least I am rested.

My chief complaint is his puking.  Lots of it.  After every meal, every day.  So much so that I do a load of his laundry every night right after I put him to bed.  He was switched to soy formula while still in Korea due to his “condition”.  I can’t imagine his puking being worse than it is now back when he was on a dairy based formula.  I’m allowing it to keep me in the house because I’m so paranoid that I’m going to have to deal with the puke.  So tomorrow we’re trying a hypoallergenic formula to see if we can at least decrease the frequency of the puking.  I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking but I’m hoping like hell that it makes some difference….in a positive direction.

The big loser in this scenario is Bean.  She seems to be holding it together pretty well but there are moments that she looks at me like, “Um, yeah. So far this little brother thing kinda sucks.  He takes up all your time.  He is loud.  He drools.  He frows up a lot.  And we never go anywhere anymore.”  I owe her big time.

I owe her big time.

Note: that is not a picture of my Henry (obviously) but just a cute yawn picture I found on the web


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  1. Hang in there “new” mommy….this puking thing will pass! 🙂 Hopefully, the new formula will do the trick. Bean loves you and her new brother.

  2. I will send you breast milk if you need it?

    Good luck. As you said to me, hang in there.


  3. Bean is not a big loser! She has a great mom and dad, she has her cousins, Aunt Sara, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Pat, Uncle Chad, Grandma, two Grandpa’s, Tria, Carole, Papa John and all her little friends like Dora and pals and a most active imagination. Life lessons are learned by adapting to new circumstances and she is very adaptable. Congratulate yourselves on how well she has adjusted rather than to be hard on yourself because you do not have totally undivided time for her. The puking will stop, it always does and hopefully sooner than later.

  4. Our daughter was a puker, too. It did pass, but it was no fun while it lasted. Hang in there.

  5. Awes.. just give it time, in a few years you’ll look back and laugh. I think.

    I had to go with that Hypoallergenic formula for one of mine too.. Once he was adapted to it, and took to it, he ate so much, I had to change his name to little piggy.
    Best of luck to yas.

  6. Amy: Just let me know if you ever need a mommy/sophie day, and I’ll come right over and watch Henry. Not a problem at all…CJ

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