Behold the Cuteness

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I know its all you want to see…


Seoul Observations

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So I thought I would pass along a few observations about Seoul:

Masks:You see quite a few people out and about with what look like surgical masks on.  We’re assuming that it’s a SARS thing or just an attempt to ward off germs or pollution or whatnot. 

Smoking: I think just about everyone in Seoul smokes.  Actually I don’t see that many girls smoking but men and young men are almost all smoking.  So I’m wondering, do you need a mask to protect you from germs if you’re smoking?  Or breathing in smoke?  Maybe the mask is to keep the smoke away?

Spitting:Must be related to the smoking because if I’ve seen one person hock a loogie I’ve seen about a million.  Apparently it is not considered rude behavior to hock one where ever you are.  Good word of caution: watch out for spitters and watch where you walk.

Street Vendors: They are everywhere.  Seriously.  They seem to set up in the mid to late afternoon and are open until late at night.  They sell just about anything too.  Clothes, scarves, purses, wallets, food, trinkets.  It is really interesting to walk around and just look.  Especially at the food vendors.  They are everywhere and pretty much seem to be selling most of the same items.  It’s amazing to see the setups they have to set up and break down every evening.

Smell:A direct correlation to the street vendors I’m sure.  I think it is a garlic type smell mixed with other Korean spices but there is distinct a smell to Seoul.  Yes, definitely a smell.

People: There are people everywhere.  We’ve gone to a market and to a department store in the early afternoon hours and they are jammed with people.  I think because there are so many people and you are constantly touching people.  The kinda neat thing is that even when people bump into each other they don’t get mad.  I think it’s just a way of life in a city with so many people that living here kinda makes you immune to it.  It took me a while to get used to being bumped into then turning around to apologize to no one because who ever it was had already moved on.

Traffic:  Holy crap…the traffic.  It is nuts.  Beyond nuts.  I can sum it up by something I read in a travel book.  Just be sure you are not the first or last person into the cross walk because cars and motor bikes don’t necessarily yield to traffic lights or people.  And I guess it’s ok to drive motor bikes on the sidewalks because it seems that they are everywhere.

That’s about all for now…we’ll hopefully be posting some new pictures after our meeting this afternoon….which is Wednesday for us.


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Ok so yesterday was one exhausting day.  Physically and emotionally.  Really.  After our meeting with Henry, his social worker and his foster mother we really didn’t do much.  We had a meeting with Dr. Kim who is the founder of Eastern Social Welfare Society as well as lunch in the dining room at the agency.  We met three other couples from the states currently here meeting their boys plus a social worker escorting a baby back to the DC area.   It was nice to have a shared experience with others in our position. 

It would have been nice to do some sight seeing as a group but it seemed as though they had their agenda set so we went off on our own.  Where you ask?  Back to our room!  I think we were both so awed by our experience that we needed some down time.  We spent some time mapping out our plan of attack for today (Tues) as we have no appointments with the agency staff.  We eventually took a walk to the Hyundai department store that was AMAZING.  It was 6 or so floors tall and was packed to the gills with people shopping.  At 3 pm on a Monday.  Why people weren’t working I have no idea.  It also had the most amazing things for sale…a full on grocery store on the lower level that was worth walking through just to look at the variety of items for sale.

On our way back to the agency (which is where we are staying by the way) we stopped at a 7-11 for some snacks and for me to refuel my diet coke addiction.  Fun to look around anywhere really…I think we spent a half hour just looking at all the stuff they had.  Spent the rest of the evening back in our room watching a movie..I really think we were just so emotionally overloaded that we needed some down time.

So today we’re off to a museum and a market to do some shopping and sightseeing.  Tomorrow will be another meeting with Henry, the social worker and his foster mother at 1:30 so we’ll just have a little time to sight-see in the morning.  There is so much to do here and now it seems like no where near enough time to do it in.

Seoul Baby

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WE MADE IT!!!!  Ok Seoul is crazy busy with people just everywhere.  We stayed right near the Seoul Tower last night – could even see it from our hotel room.  Walked a short distance from the hotel to a small shopping area and had fun people watching.  We took the recommendation of the concierge at the hotel and ate a fab Korean bbq dinner at Don Valley.  (T – I ate Kimchi and LIKED IT!)  We headed out this morning for the agency and our meeting with Henry.

The meeting was short – only an hour – but we did actually get some alone time with Henry (about 15 min).  I was a bit nervous because the social worker had explained that he is just starting to go through stranger anxiety but he didn’t cry at all.  He was a little fussy but we think that is because he is just one active little guy.  He loves to be held under the arms so he can jump up and down…seriously.  His foster mother, Mrs. Lee, said he likes to do it for up to 30 min.  I should have been pumping iron.

We have arranged a second meeting for Wednesday afternoon which will be excellent.  More time to spend with Mrs. Lee as we can see how deeply she cares for Henry.  She presented us with a Hanbok (traditional Korean dress), a set of children’s books, one of his favorite blankets, a burp rag (apparently he spits up a bit and she is worried about our clothes) and two photo albums of pictures she has taken since Henry has been placed in her care.  It’s sooooo emotional…she’s taken the time and care to write on the backs of the photos and you can really see how he’s become a part of their lives over the past 6 months.  In all the excitement I forgot to give the Social Worker her gift!!  I’m so embarrassed.

 Ok so if you’ve even read anything that I’ve written to scanned down first for the pictures and been kind enough to read the above..thanks.  Here’s what you’re really looking for:

Here is Ed with Henry

 Here’s a shot of me with Henry:

Can you stand the cuteness??

We Made It

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First leg down as we`re in Tokyo and headed to Seoul this morning (Sunday am already here). Will post more when we get to better computer.

We’re Outta Here

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Catch ya on the flip side….stay tuned for updates…we’ll post as soon as we can.

‘Twas the night before takeoff

February 1, 2007 at 7:38 am | Posted in Adoption Updates | 4 Comments

What a whirlwind this week has been.  Lots to do and I thought I had a lot of time to do it in but a week sure went by quickly.  Bags are pretty much packed, gifts have been purchased, airplane snacks and diversion materials are ready to go.  I’m not even going to write about leaving my precious Bean for a week because I will break down and cry.  So let’s just leave it at that.

 We’re leaving on Friday morning with an overnight layover in Tokyo.  An early departure Sunday morning (because we cross the international date line) will put us into Seoul around 1pm on Sunday.  We’re staying downtown near a shopping district so we hope to take in some sights before THE BIG DAY.

Monday morning we are to arrive at the agency.  Our assumption is (because we have not received any formal itinerary) we will meet with The Paperwork Lady (yes, I’m told that is her formal title) who will give us Yoon Seong’s travel paperwork.  Around 10:00am we should be meeting Yoon and his foster mother.  So while you all are watching the Bears kick some NFL ass we will be meeting our son.  We’ll also be meeting the founder of the agency and his son over lunch at the agency along with any other couples who also happen to be there. 

We think Tuesday and Wednesday will be on our own but we’ve been encouraged to ask for a second meeting with Yoon and his foster mother for Wednesday.  Hopefully they’ll be able to comply.  Our departure flight leaves in the early afternoon on Thursday so we won’t have much time to do much of anything except say a final good-bye to his foster mother and have the founder of the agency say a blessing for Yoon before we leave.

We’re hoping to post updates and pictures while we’re gone….so stay tuned….we’re in the home stretch.

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