Friday Fun Pic-part 20

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Reading may be fundamental but sleep is essential.

Happy Birthday A

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Because you are my “baby” sister I lose sight of the fact that you are a grown woman with two children of her own.  They are lucky to have you as a mother and one day a friend.  You are smart, dedicated, funny and I’m jealous of your butt….but we all know that is old news.  The only thing I would change about you is having you closer to us but we’re lucky you’re not farther than you are.  I love you ….and happy day!

Note the sweet wallpaper/curtain combo.  And yes, I’m the elder on the left decked out in the swanky Crayola overalls.  You can’t see it very well but those are crayons on the tee.  Although I have to say I’m totally diggin’ A’s saddle shoes.

Essential Summer Style

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Pax Thien and Maddox got nuthin’ on my boy….yes this will be his summer style.

A Little Help

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Our local newspaper published an article last week as follows:

 Plan Mandates Silent Moment

A plan to make a moment of silence at the beginning of each school day mandatory easily passed the state Senate on Wednesday.  The proposal, sponsored by state Sen. Kimberly Lightford, a Maywood Democrat, would require a teacher to observe a short period of silence every day, a practice that now is optional.  Lightford stressed the period of silence is not intended to be a prayer period, saying students can choose to take a moment to pray or simply reflect on the upcoming activities of the day.  The proposal passed the Senate 58-1.  The plan now goes to the state House.

Why?  I just don’t get this.  Our state government is taking up serious time on this kind of bullshit.  Nice to know where my tax dollars are going.  How’s about we focus on EDUCATING our children rather than giving them a moment to not pray.  Whatever…

The Ten v.4

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So since I shared Henry’s alternative name list I thought I’d share Sophie’s too. 

Piper – ok this PAINS me because this was her name.  I called her this in my belly.  People I worked with while I was pregnant referred to me as Piper’s mom.  Ed didn’t like it.  I tried to keep it in the running.  Obviously I lost.  Fast forward about 8 or so months later when in the midst of a conversation about baby names Ed says he kinda liked Piper.  Bastard.  It still upsets me to think about it today.

Natalie – have always loved this name.  So pretty…but now I don’t see Bean as a Natalie.

Heather – still like this one for her….don’t seem to run into too many out and about.

Trevor – yeah I know it’s traditionally a boys name but I read a book by Jimmy Buffett and just really loved the main character who was named Trevor.  And she was a girl.

Vivian – yikes….sounds so funny now.  I cannot picture Bean as a Vivian.  But I do love the line from Pretty Woman…”Yo, Viv babe.  The sphincter police won’t let me upstairs.”

Chloe – oooohhhhh still love this one.  But as with Henry, it has a bit of the L in the middle of the first name not working with the L in the beginning of our last name.

Jane – love it!  Oh…girls names were so much easier!!!  Do love this name but Ed dated or pseudo dated a girl named Jane (with whom we are still friends – married – great husband – three beautiful kids) so that puts this one into the no ex’s names category.

Skye – a bit General Hospital I know but it’s so pretty.

Sadie – not too far off from Sophie really but just a little too cutesy for me and not Sophie’s personality at all.

Quinn – I think this is typically a boy name and I think we revisited it for Henry too.  I think it is just a bit too out there for a girl (not that Trevor isn’t I guess).


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I’ve gotten an ipod and I can’t get off it.

Getting Served

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Yesterday was another milestone for us in our adoption process…we appeared in court to get an interim order of custody for Henry.  Because we cannot finalize our adoption for 6 months we are technically considered his foster parents.  As part of the finalization process we had to appear in front of a judge who quickly reviewed our petition to formally adopt Henry.  We were sworn in, asked some very basic questions and the judge approved our request.  The paperwork will be processed giving us sole and complete custody which, barring any problems,  should be completed mid-August.

Henry as the named minor in the court action has to be served legal papers which really means the Sheriff has to touch the paper to his skin and he is considered “served.”  Here is the pic (our attny took the picture for us and unfortunately she was moving around a bit…hence the blurry shot):

If you can tell Sophie is very busy checking out the plastic badge the Sheriff gave her and wondering what duties she is now empowered with.

In the end we spent more time driving in the car and looking for parking than we did in front of the judge and Sheriff.  But it was fun to watch Sophie check out all the city sites and put one more step behind us in the process of completing our family.  It was an emotional day for all of us…too bad we couldn’t all sack out in the car on the way home:

Friday Fun Pic – part 29

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I like to call these The Two Faces of Kate:

Be careful what you wish for my dear…..

Drink Up…if you can

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Did you know that more than one billion people lack access to a safe supply of drinking water?  Did you know that water-related diseases are the leading causes of death in the world claiming more than 14,000 people a day and is responsible for 80% of all sickness in the world?

Today, March 22, is World Water Day.  To be honest I had no idea such a thing existed until I caught a commercial with Jay-Z talking about his contributions to bring clean water to rural Africa.  His vision incorporated playground equipment that while in use would pump clean water into areas in desperate need of drinking water. 

The UN’s Water For Life campaign began a new program in 2005 entitled International Decade for Action.  According to their website, the UN’s primary focus is to “reduce by half the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water by 2015 and to stop unsustainable exploitation of water resources.”  Click here for a general overview of water and sanitation statistics complied by UNICEF and The World Health Organization. 

How can you help?  You can always donate to UNICEF or the United Nations so that appropriate funds can be allocated to get the water where it needs to be.  But you can also always start at home by turning off the water when you brush your teeth or taking a shorter shower each day.  Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine the obstacles people face in their day-to-day living when we have it so extremely well in this country.  My point?  I guess to think a little further than our own backyard and to reach out across cultural lines to help those in need.   

Happy Birthday S

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You’re not only my big sister but you’re one of my best friends, confidant, surrogate mother when the real one can’t be there, advice provider and all around stabilizer.  Happy Birthday you old goat!  Be sure to treat yourself to something special today.

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