The Ten v.3

March 19, 2007 at 7:33 am | Posted in The TEN | 1 Comment

I got to thinking that it’s been a while since I posted an entry to The Ten so thought I’d give it a go.  Here are ten of the names we seriously considered for Boy King before deciding on Henry:

Charlie – this was my second choice after Henry (my maternal grandfather is Charles).  I kept going back and forth between the two.

Stay tuned for Bean’s list of almost names…..

Truman – a fairly serious contended until we got our referral picture.  No way is Henry a Truman.  Not even close.

Calvin – my husband is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs.  He even has a Calvin tee shirt and I crack up when he wears it because it is like wearing a tee with your own picture on it.

Carter – I’m not sure why I liked this one so much but I kept coming back to it.

Flynn – cute but Henry isn’t a Flynn either.  Would have been much better for an Irish boy.

Graham – still love it.

Grayson – still really love this one.  And part of me can see Henry as a Gray.  But I imagined a lifetime of “What is his name?”  “Grayson.”  “What?”  Yeah, that would get annoying.

Nolan – like this one but our last name starts with an L and the L in the middle of the first name and beginning of the last name was too L-ly.

Sam – ok…still REALLY love this one but Ed didn’t like it at all.  I can see Henry as a Sam.

Wilson – cute but shortened to Will I wasn’t too thrilled about.  Plus there is that whole L in the middle of the first name thing again.

Stay tuned for Bean’s list of almost names….


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  1. Luke was almost Graham, but we figured he’d be nicknamed Graham Cracker, which we weren’t too fond of. People can make Star Wars cracks all they want about our son…that we can handle. 🙂


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