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March 25, 2007 at 4:17 pm | Posted in The TEN | 1 Comment

So since I shared Henry’s alternative name list I thought I’d share Sophie’s too. 

Piper – ok this PAINS me because this was her name.  I called her this in my belly.  People I worked with while I was pregnant referred to me as Piper’s mom.  Ed didn’t like it.  I tried to keep it in the running.  Obviously I lost.  Fast forward about 8 or so months later when in the midst of a conversation about baby names Ed says he kinda liked Piper.  Bastard.  It still upsets me to think about it today.

Natalie – have always loved this name.  So pretty…but now I don’t see Bean as a Natalie.

Heather – still like this one for her….don’t seem to run into too many out and about.

Trevor – yeah I know it’s traditionally a boys name but I read a book by Jimmy Buffett and just really loved the main character who was named Trevor.  And she was a girl.

Vivian – yikes….sounds so funny now.  I cannot picture Bean as a Vivian.  But I do love the line from Pretty Woman…”Yo, Viv babe.  The sphincter police won’t let me upstairs.”

Chloe – oooohhhhh still love this one.  But as with Henry, it has a bit of the L in the middle of the first name not working with the L in the beginning of our last name.

Jane – love it!  Oh…girls names were so much easier!!!  Do love this name but Ed dated or pseudo dated a girl named Jane (with whom we are still friends – married – great husband – three beautiful kids) so that puts this one into the no ex’s names category.

Skye – a bit General Hospital I know but it’s so pretty.

Sadie – not too far off from Sophie really but just a little too cutesy for me and not Sophie’s personality at all.

Quinn – I think this is typically a boy name and I think we revisited it for Henry too.  I think it is just a bit too out there for a girl (not that Trevor isn’t I guess).


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  1. I LOVE the Piper story. That totally happened with Luke. I wanted to name him Leo soooo badly, but Tim wouldn’t have it. Three months after Luke had been with us, Tim says, “You know, Leo’s not so bad. Maybe we could use that as his nickname.”

    Men… 🙂

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