I Need CPR…Stat

April 5, 2007 at 7:18 am | Posted in General Junk | 4 Comments

Thank God John Stamos has revived ER because I was seriously considering tuning out.  I’ve been a faithful viewer since episode one and vowed to hang in there until the end.  The loss of Dr. Doug Ross was hard enough to bear but Dr. John Carter kept me hanging in there.  Then Dr. Luka Kovac helped things along but man, he’s turned into quite a puss.  Dr. Ray Barnett doesn’t help things at all..too skinny and wimpy for me thankfully Dr. Archie Morris offers a bit of comic relief.  So I thank the ER Gods for sending us Dr. Tony Gates and lets hope he can breathe some life into this sinking drama.  Or breathe some life into me.



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  1. Ahhh….Uncle Jesse….

  2. I am all over this one –

  3. mmmm….rich fantasy life lately, huh? What is up with the hunky dudes? Feeling sexy lately or WHAT?

  4. The past 4 posts are all about the hot men…

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