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Well…for me anyway….



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  1. YOU ARE KILLING ME! Now, I can only let you go so far. George is mine! He is the only one I would leave my husband for.
    Isn’t he Dreamy?

  2. You know…I met him sort of once. We had a moment. I was in the airport in Burbank going to my grandfathers funeral and he was there. I heard someone saying he had been signing autographs forever and was so nice. They were calling for preboarding of his flight and he had to squeeze through the very crowded waiting area to get to his gate. He was walking by, shuffling sideways carrying a big giant drink from McDonalds. He walked right by me, about 2 feet away and I looked up from my book and he looked right at me and stared as he made his way through the aisle. I just smiled and wanted to ask him who was watching his pig if he was going away (he had a pet just died recently) but I was chicken.

    He is very tall in person. Much more good looking than on TV, if you can believe it and just OOOZED charm and sex but not in a skeezy way. This was almost 9 years ago but he was very sexy and handsome.

    I love my husband but still could kick myself for not talking to him since he stared and stared at me.


  3. I ran into Harry Carey once at the Hilton in Chicago.
    Davey Jones smiled at me when I was in the second row during his concert (and I was in college).
    I need to get out more often…

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