To R.N.’s with Love

April 9, 2007 at 8:08 am | Posted in General Junk | Leave a comment

Part of the reason I was posting gratuitous pictures of handsome men last week was because I decided with the onset of some crappy Chicago weather last week I would potty train Bean.  She is 3-1/2 and headed for pre-school this fall and must be potty trained before she can attend.  She is a smart, strong-willed girl and I knew it would be a battle of wits of which I would hopefully prevail.

So we spent the week indoors and knee deep in various body fluids.  I have to say she is doing so well it blows my mind that she didn’t just want to do it herself.  I guess part of that is the fact that she is 3-1/2 and given no choice but to be put in underwear she must either go on the potty or endure wet underwear. 

So I raise a toast to all nurses, medical assistants, primary care givers out there who are charged with caring for those who cannot do for themselves.  Whether due to age or illness it is critical that those who need help caring for themselves can rely on others to care for them in times of need.  A special thanks out to those who care for perfect strangers.  I love my daughter more than I can even express in words and the cumulative effect of her urine and feces on my olfactory senses has me just about ready to head for the hills.  For you to care for perfect strangers is a true selfless act.


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