Conversations with Sophie – Act 5

April 23, 2007 at 7:13 am | Posted in Sophie stuff | 1 Comment

Fade in: Gale force winds whip through the sleepy residential neighborhood as is slowly wakes to another school/work week.  Commuters are on their way to work and busses are picking up the children as they cling tightly to their books.  A loud thud is heard outside and frantic mom looks out the window.

Mom:  Shit!

Sophie: Is shit naughty?

Mom:  Stay here. Do not move.  The recycling can blew over.  Mommy has to go outside.

Sophie:  Mommy is shit naughty?

Frantic mom runs into the front lawn still jammie clad.  Running around in an attempt to keep all their recyclables from blowing throughout the neighborhood, she not so swiftly gathers as much rubbish as she can and stuffs it into the recycling can.  Hoping to avoid a repeat performance as the wind appears to blow stronger, mom repositions the recycling can.

Back inside the home…

Sophie:  Mommy, is shit naughty?

Mom:  Yes sweetie, it is naughty.  But Mommy was mad because the wind blew over the recycling can.  It is very windy today.

From outside….thud.

Mom:  Fuck!

Sophie:  Mommy, fuck is naughty.

Yes it is my dear but two trips outside in the blowing wind in my jammies to pick up garbage earns me the right to be naughty.   

From the window we hear Diego loving toddler who spies an empty paper towel roll blowing across the lawn:

Sophie:  Mommy can you get me my spotting scope?

Yeah…I’ll get right on that.


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  1. Strangely, I feel like a superior parent when my children curse, using it in a sentence correctly.

    perverse, I know.
    Secretly I am Homer Simpson.

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