Safety in Numbers

June 7, 2007 at 8:20 am | Posted in General Junk | 2 Comments

Sophie and I found this little nest of bunnies in our backyard yesterday.  Amazing that although these meadow dwellers have adapted to life in the suburbs they apparently have yet to modify their nest building technique.  Believe it or not these little guys are in a very shallow divit in the middle of the yard.  Their only protection, aside from each other, is a scant bit of grass mixed with what appears to be a bit of their parents fur.  Needless to say we erected a makeshift  shelter to alert our landscaping company to their presence while allowing the little guys the space they need to sun themselves during the day.  Their parents, who are surprisingly absent during the day hours, are very attentive at night and payed them a visit last evening at dusk.  We’ll be sad to see them go but happy to know that there is safety in numbers and sticking together will keep them safe and alive until they are ready to venture out on their own.

Edited to add: checked on the bunnies before we settled in for the night and they are gone.  Not sure if it’s because they are big enough or because we are expected to have some major storms tonight.  It was fun while it lasted and I’m glad I thought to snap the pics before they left.


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  1. The bunny’s r soooooooo cute. I wish I could have one

  2. So cute. Good thing the lawn mower did not find them! ick.


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