Do you remember where you were one year ago?

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I was upstairs in my bedroom preparing to leave for the weekend.  The last summer hurrah to the lake before the reality and laziness of fall sets in.  I was trying to make sure I didn’t forget anything for me or Sophie – this time of year can be challenging in terms of appropriate lake house clothing.  The weather can turn on a dime and you must be prepared to layer, layer, layer. 

I was walking from our room to her room when the phone rang.  Annoyed I turned back and glanced at the caller id display to determine if the caller was worthy of my time.  It displayed the name of our adoption agency.  My heart sank and raced in the same moment.  I gently answered the phone and somehow managed to squeak out a hello.  From the other end I heard, “Hello Amy.  Blah, blah, blah.  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  We have a referral for you.  When can you come in to review it?”  It was Thursday afternoon about 4-ish and our Social Worker’s work day was ending.  Even though Ed works literally 7.32 minutes from our home and we are about 20 minutes from our agency, it was decided we would wait until the following morning before receiving the actual referral. 

Now it wasn’t really that bad to wait until the next day because we got all the details over the phone.  His name, date of birth, mothers age, fathers age, any pertinent medical information regarding him and his birth parents, a small bit about the health history of their parents and I think that was about it.  So we knew quite a bit about him – it was just seeing him that we had to wait on. 

Sleep did not come easy that night.  Thank God for NyQuil (which by the way, what do they put into that stuff that in one small shot knocks you on your ass for 8 hours that 6+ beers doesn’t quite seem to do for me?)  The next morning, before we headed to the lake, we stopped at the adoption agency and got to hold, in our hands, the paperwork that would begin to bond us to our son.  And then there was this:

And so it began, our love affair with a little boy who was born half a world away from us but has grown in our hearts more than we ever anticipated.  So yes, I know exactly where I was a year ago.  And I will never forget this day.


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Soaked to the bone

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We’ve been on the receiving end of a week’s worth of rain and severe storms  which are the worst I can remember for some time.  On Thursday I was relaying the weather report to my sister as she was driving home not entirely convinced of the reported force of the storm on the way.  All too many times I’ve psyched myself up for an exciting summer storm only to be greatly disappointed and bestowed only a few sprinkles. 

Not this time.  Straight line winds were reported at 80 mph and the tornado sirens in our town were screaming.  Rain was coming down in buckets and our front yard was transformed into a pond:


After witnessing our neighbors willow take a devestating hit and land on the adjacent neighbors fence:

(sorry for the blurry image – this was actually taken from my back porch which is some distance away thankfully)

I loaded up the kids and headed into our basement armed only with the phone, my cell phone and the t.v. tuned to CLTV.  When we emerged, this is what we found:


Two good sections of one of our shade trees in the back yard had been ripped from the trunk.  We’re hoping we don’t loose the tree completely but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Ed spent the better part of the days on Friday and Sunday cleaning up our yard and helping out some neighbors (you can see the downed willow more clearly here):

We even ran an extension cord across the street so our neighbor, who didn’t have power until some time this morning, was able to pump the standing water out of their basement.  And we weren’t the only helpful people on our block.  Up and down our street those of us with power allowed those without to plug in to salvage what they could of their basements.  It was a nice thing to see people pulling together to help one another out.


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One of the things I am loving most about Sophie these days is how unbelievable chatty she is.  Chatty and inquisitive.  She wants to know what everything is called.  For example, if I have a box of oatmeal she isn’t satisfied with me telling her it is oatmeal.  No.  It must be Quaker instant weight smart cinnamon oatmeal.  And believe me, she won’t relent until you give her the full answer.

In the morning one of her new favorite things to do is help me make our bed.  We have a bunch of pillows that I throw at her and she giggles and puts them in order for me.  We also have this print hanging above our bed:

She has asked just about every day for the last week or so who it is and what he is doing and is that his friend on the little horse.  I can’t remember the story exactly but do remember that Don Quixote was a tad bit insane and fought windmills that he thought were dragons or something to that effect.  Every day while we arrange pillows she says, “What’s that man?”  to which I reply “Don Quixote”. 

So this morning when I invited her in for pillow duty imagine my surprise when she ran into our room, jumped up on the bed, pointed to the picture and exclaimed, “Bon Jovi”.  Close enough.

Conversations with Sophie – Act 7

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Mom, tired of crazy, tireless son tripping over his beloved fleece blanket as he walks around the house is attempting to gather the troops for a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.  The hope is to purchase small amount of fleece to make a blanket suitable for snuggling and walking.

Mom:  So today I thought we would go to the craft store to find some fleece for a blanket for Henry so he stops tripping over his big blankie.  And we’ll look for some supplies to make your birthday invitations.

Sophie:  What is the crap store?

Mom:  No not crap.  It’s craft.

Sophie:  That’s what I said.  The crap store.

She is wise beyond her years.

Fini…well, sort of

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We received a call from our adoption attorney today to let us know that our adoption of Henry has been finalized in the court system.  That means officially we are a family.  And although it is part of the end of a long process it is also the beginning of another paper chase to round out all the documents we need to declare Henry a US citizen.  This includes his birth certificate, a social security number and a certificate of citizenship.  Until this is completed he is considered a resident alien.  We’re not sure how long it will take us to really be done with all the paperwork necessary to declare Henry a US citizen but hopefully it will be before he starts school (just a joke indicative of the slow, slow, slow process of governmental paper pushers).


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While cleaning the den the other day I came across this in the deep recesses of the closet:


Weird.  Obviously I didn’t miss it because I don’t ever remember being in a pinch (no pun intended) for PIO (progestrone in oil).  I don’t miss one thing about IVF cycling…except perhaps the possibility of getting pregnant.  It was the only thing that made it worth while.  The promise of a chance of pregnancy.

 It’s amazing and funny to me how close to the surface the pain of my infertility lies.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I should get some counseling for that.  And I have.  But so far it hasn’t made it go away.  I’m no where as bitter as I used to be.  No where near.  I was even happy to hear of a pregnancy in the family.  Happy.  Not bitter or bittersweet.  Downright happy.  I was told by my older and wiser sister that is because I’m done building my family.  And that is true.  Very true.  I feel complete in the family department but the infertility part of my life will never go away.  I just don’t let it define me anymore.  And that is some powerful stuff.

Conversations with Sophie – Act 6

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Weary Mom attempts to weed through the mess that is the den while rambunctious children play throughout the house.  Something about a good night’s sleep has them drunk with energy as they romp from room to room.  Mom is enjoying a few minutes to check off a “to do” item on her list while she listens to eldest child mother the boy king.

Sophie:  Henry, come here boy.  Come on!  Walk this way.  Watch out for your blanket.

Henry:  (Squeals with delight and babbles incoherently)

Sophie:  Henry Lichner, King of the Wild Frontier….come here!

A heavy footed walk is heard across the family room floor.

Sophie:  Oh Henry look.  (She says holding up a calendar given to us from the Korean Adoption agency featuring pictures of Korean children, Foster Mothers, Staff and Adoptive Couples) This is when you were really tiny and little in Africa.

Well, at least she understands that he was not grown in my belly.  Now we just need a little geographic refresher.

Safety First

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Books?  Check.  Necklace?  Check.  Safety Goggles?  Check….just in case a dangling participle jumps off the page.

safe reading

Note: she is already preparing for High School Chemistry class.  Come on girls, how many of you wore your safety goggles on top of your head so as not to ruin your hair?  I know I’m not alone out there.


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One of my Sunday rituals is checking out the new secrets posted on PostSecret.  For those of you unfamiliar with PostSecret it started as an art project giving people an opportunity to share their secrets and release the burden they hold.  It has brought me to tears on many occasions and made me realize that although we are all different, we are more similar than we realize.  Take a few minutes and watch this video and see if it speaks to your heart as it did mine.  And do check out the website where new secrets are posted every Sunday.

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