Truly the Boy King

August 3, 2007 at 9:55 am | Posted in Henry Stuff | 4 Comments

Ok so it has only taken me what, 2 weeks to get Henry in his Hanbok and take his picture.  Ugh….I’ve been beaten and badgered by my sisters anxiously awaiting this monumental picture so here it is….

Hanbok 1

It only took 2 adults, half a box of Cheerios and about 200 attempts to get one decent shot.  Perhaps we’ll try again in a day or two when it isn’t so close to lunchtime.

(and do note the fat lower lip that his mother gave him not so graciously trying to keep him from climing the stairs.  Followed by an fat upper lip given to himself this morning walking with a plastic bat in his hand when he fell.)



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  1. This is a wonderful picture – what a beautiful hanbok!!!! And… you don’t even notice the fat lip unless you know it’s there and a matching pair is better anyway. 🙂 Hope all is well.

  2. Oh, he’s adorable!!!! He has the same hat as Luke too. 🙂

  3. YOu know you have an offical toddler on your hands when he starts to look like someone should call PCS and you feel scared to take him out in public, because he is clumsy. And learning to walk.

    Ahhh. I remember those days well. Now my spawn just look like I beat their shins with bats or something because their legs are so banged up from a summer at the pool, climbing trees and being outside.

    I try to live vicariously through my childrens accidental injuries. As in “See that boo-boo, his name is KARMA!”
    phrase copywrited by colesedwards

  4. Wowie, he’s cute, and that’s some hanbok!!

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