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I’ve got a bug and I can’t seem to get rid of it.  It does come and go….but lately every time it goes, it comes back stronger.  What is it?  It’s this:

August 03 001

I’m missing Shitty Kitty.  What?  Did I dare say that out loud?  Have I forgotten the hair, the puke, the pain-in-the-assness that was Shitty Kitty?  Apparently.  And apparently I have completely lost my freakin’ mind.  I can’t stop searching Craig’s List for adoptable cats in my area.  I even took Sophie to a shelter about a month ago to see what she thought about adopting a new cat.  She is all over the idea and has even asked on several occasions when we are going back to see all the kitties.

Ugh.  I really, really, REALLY hated all the hair.  Really.  And I hated the puke but honestly, I think our black prince was sick for much longer than we realized and only until his rapid weight loss did we realize the gravity of his situation. 

I miss the aura of an animal in the house.  The feeling of unconditional love animals bestow upon people.  Henry LOVES animals – any kind of animal.  He delights and squeals when watching birds and squirrels out the front windows.  He absolutely adores the dogs that live on either side of us.  I think he would be amazed at a cat living in the house with us.

My preference is to adopt an older cat as they seem to have the most difficulty getting placed in a home.  Of course they must be spayed or neutered and will only be an indoor cat.  Am I crazy?  I just can’t shake it out of my system.  I even called a family in my town looking to re-home a cat and was just a day late as they had already placed their cat with another family.  I may go see another cat tomorrow.  I think I am nuts.  Yes, I must be nuts to think this is a good idea.  I guess it’s just that we had Shitty Kitty for sooooooo long and he’s been gone but he is still lingering around, you know?  I swear over the last couple of weeks he has been haunting us…even Ed has heard him walking around at night.

Ugh….what am I going to do??  What I really want is Shitty Kitty back and my two biggest fears are that Henry will be allergic and we’d have to relinquish him to a shelter or we’d wind up with a cat that just isn’t what we expect and be miserable.  And it’s such a huge commitment….and then there are family members with allergies….I’m so torn.  I wish I could just put it out of my head and move on.



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  1. Okay – Remember my dog obsession last winter?? I felt the same way you are feeling right now.

    DON’T DO IT! You have enough on your plate.

    Think about how it feels to want something so bad and then it turns out to not be what you thought it would be. It’s stressful.

    There will never be another Shitty Kitty –

    Wait until things settle down – like 10 years.

  2. Yeah, we had to relinquish Connor to the Naperville Humane Society after Tessa’s allergies exploded a couple months ago. It was so hard.

    But now we’re all thinking dog…which means we need to install a fence, among other things.

    It is hard being pet-less.

    Connor was a good cat…not very interactive, he kept to himself, but he didn’t mind Luke pulling his tail. He is a good kitty. We miss him too.

  3. I hear you. I thought I just hated cats and was OVER being a pet owner but I delight in my friends loveable, friendly and un-diabetic-pain-in-the-ass cats. I want one too.

    We got some fish and they are pretty cool, easy to take care of and our tank is very pretty. You can’t pet them but they are fun to watch. We got a Dalmation Molly and she gave birth 6 weeks after we got her because they can store sperm for up to 6 months and then spontaneously give birth to live young. So now we have 3 for the price of one. We would have 4 but she ate one. We named him snack.


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