Conversations with Sophie – Act 6

August 16, 2007 at 8:35 am | Posted in Sophie stuff | 4 Comments

Weary Mom attempts to weed through the mess that is the den while rambunctious children play throughout the house.  Something about a good night’s sleep has them drunk with energy as they romp from room to room.  Mom is enjoying a few minutes to check off a “to do” item on her list while she listens to eldest child mother the boy king.

Sophie:  Henry, come here boy.  Come on!  Walk this way.  Watch out for your blanket.

Henry:  (Squeals with delight and babbles incoherently)

Sophie:  Henry Lichner, King of the Wild Frontier….come here!

A heavy footed walk is heard across the family room floor.

Sophie:  Oh Henry look.  (She says holding up a calendar given to us from the Korean Adoption agency featuring pictures of Korean children, Foster Mothers, Staff and Adoptive Couples) This is when you were really tiny and little in Africa.

Well, at least she understands that he was not grown in my belly.  Now we just need a little geographic refresher.



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  1. This is too funny!!!

  2. This is way too funny!!!

  3. So sweet. So incredibly sweet.

  4. Yeah! Finally, another member of the family that is geographically challenged!

    Isn’t Alaska and island?????

    Oh right, she’s 3.

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