August 23, 2007 at 12:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

One of the things I am loving most about Sophie these days is how unbelievable chatty she is.  Chatty and inquisitive.  She wants to know what everything is called.  For example, if I have a box of oatmeal she isn’t satisfied with me telling her it is oatmeal.  No.  It must be Quaker instant weight smart cinnamon oatmeal.  And believe me, she won’t relent until you give her the full answer.

In the morning one of her new favorite things to do is help me make our bed.  We have a bunch of pillows that I throw at her and she giggles and puts them in order for me.  We also have this print hanging above our bed:

She has asked just about every day for the last week or so who it is and what he is doing and is that his friend on the little horse.  I can’t remember the story exactly but do remember that Don Quixote was a tad bit insane and fought windmills that he thought were dragons or something to that effect.  Every day while we arrange pillows she says, “What’s that man?”  to which I reply “Don Quixote”. 

So this morning when I invited her in for pillow duty imagine my surprise when she ran into our room, jumped up on the bed, pointed to the picture and exclaimed, “Bon Jovi”.  Close enough.


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  1. Hilarious!

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