Soaked to the bone

August 27, 2007 at 11:36 am | Posted in General Junk | 1 Comment

We’ve been on the receiving end of a week’s worth of rain and severe storms  which are the worst I can remember for some time.  On Thursday I was relaying the weather report to my sister as she was driving home not entirely convinced of the reported force of the storm on the way.  All too many times I’ve psyched myself up for an exciting summer storm only to be greatly disappointed and bestowed only a few sprinkles. 

Not this time.  Straight line winds were reported at 80 mph and the tornado sirens in our town were screaming.  Rain was coming down in buckets and our front yard was transformed into a pond:


After witnessing our neighbors willow take a devestating hit and land on the adjacent neighbors fence:

(sorry for the blurry image – this was actually taken from my back porch which is some distance away thankfully)

I loaded up the kids and headed into our basement armed only with the phone, my cell phone and the t.v. tuned to CLTV.  When we emerged, this is what we found:


Two good sections of one of our shade trees in the back yard had been ripped from the trunk.  We’re hoping we don’t loose the tree completely but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Ed spent the better part of the days on Friday and Sunday cleaning up our yard and helping out some neighbors (you can see the downed willow more clearly here):

We even ran an extension cord across the street so our neighbor, who didn’t have power until some time this morning, was able to pump the standing water out of their basement.  And we weren’t the only helpful people on our block.  Up and down our street those of us with power allowed those without to plug in to salvage what they could of their basements.  It was a nice thing to see people pulling together to help one another out.


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  1. I’m glad you’re all okay. My sis works off of Euclid and was ordered by emergency management to stay at work until the storm had cleared.

    It was awful down here too. We saw a tornado begin to form over our house. Didn’t see the rest because I grabbed Luke and headed to the basement. Tessa was huddled in the music room on her first day of Kindergarten. She got home an hour after her normal arrival time. Less than an hour before the second, and worse, storm hit.

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