I See London, I See France..

September 12, 2007 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Take Action | 4 Comments

I want to see some underpants.

Hanes® Girls'  TAGLESS® Brief Panties with ComfortSoft® Waistband

Let me explain…..there used to be a time when I would read a ton of blogs.  That was BH (before Henry).  Now that he is home and settled in I don’t have any where near enough time to even write on my own blog let alone read the ones I love.  But the other night I was attempting to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers and I was glad I did.

There has been a place inside my heart that has been wanting to reach out to people in need but with the assurance that my time/money/items donated would get directly into the hands of the people who need them.  Thus simply writing a check to an organization wasn’t really filling the void for me.  When I read about Baby James aka JimBob, my fellow Korean adoptive parents and I put together a care package for their family in hopes it would help even a little with their day-to-day living and inevitable hospital stays.  It was, for me, a very rewarding experience but the warm and fuzzy feeling has faded and I’ve been looking for a new cause to support.

Enter the underpants and one really cool Mutha.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the Muthahood Aint for Sissies blog on my blogroll then you are clearly missing the point of me pointing out my favorite blogs to you on my blog.  This is one amazing mutha who is planning a trip to Kenya, Africa to volunteer in an orphange.  Her trip is being coordinated through the Global Volunteer Network who offer volunteer opportunities in community projects throughout the world.  In planning for her trip, Rocky inquired about the items most in need and the most requested item from the orphanage are underpants for children and young adults (ages 3 – 15).

Now I know some of my friends and I out there have ongoing jokes about me and my granny panties but this is serious stuff.  Can you imagine the simple gesture of providing a child/young adult with a new pair of funky, spunky underpants?  So, when I was shopping at Target today I picked up three packs of girls underpants for the low, low, low price of $4.99 per 9 pack (not even on sale!).  So for the mere price of  one fast food lunch you can make 9 children happy.  It doesn’t take much…..

So my faithful and drive-by readers I challenge you to help me help this Mutha get some underpants to Africa.  I am more than happy to collect your donations and mail them off to Rocky or if you prefer, you can send them off to her directly.  My only request is you let her know that Drivereight is the one who inspired you to contribute to her cause.  I’m not sure when the Underwear for Africa drive is ending but once I do know I will update this post.

So please, please, please help me help others with a simple gesture of new underpants.  It is a simple way we can all make just a little difference for those in need.



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  1. By the way, you rock my world!! You can check out all updates on MothersFightingForOthers dot com
    Hey.. you gotta 99 cent store around? A friend just bought 120 pairs for $40. Irregulars, but three in a pack! Just to let you know… On Wednesday, I’ll have over 700 pairs!!! This is an ongoing campaign…through 2008!

    Thanks for the support!

  2. I am with you sista’s…but I can’t help but think of all the people here in the USA that need panties. We donate things like that every year at xmas…panites, bras, nightgowns.

    My friend who studies in Africa has a campaign for feminine products like pads and tampons. When girls/women get their period in many parts of Africa they must just squat over a bowl and they miss work, loose money and struggle even more to provide for their families.

    There are many things that you take for granted that are such a luxury to people who have so little.

    I am moved by your blog-friends desire to reach out to people and in such a loving and personal way.

  3. Don’t forget to send Brittney Spears some of those extra undies too. Seems she’s running a little low on cash these days, not enough money left over for underwear.

  4. Thanks for posting this – I hadn’t seen the original post!

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