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She is the thing I am most proud of in my life; my perserverence to bring her into this world when I thought all hope was lost.  Feeling her grow inside me, always having her with me during those first nine months.  A sort of secret society of two hearts beating as one.  Her time inside me was uneventful, especially considering all we went through to make her.  Her delivery was flawless.  And this was the first time I saw her:

If I had to pick only one favorite picture of her it would be this one.  It is my first memory of her in the flesh.  Touching her, smelling her, looking into her eyes when she heard my voice.   And now, four years later….four years….it is merely a drop in the hat but it seems like forever in the same breath.  She’s growing too fast….I want to freeze time and savor every minute.  But I can’t….so I just love you the only way I know how.  Fully and completely. 

Happy 4th Birthday my beautiful Bean.

Think Before you Pink

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Now that October is coming to a close I’m left with an empty feeling regarding the whole Breast Cancer Awareness month and the pink assault on my senses every time I turn around.   For several years there has been such an enormous focus on breast cancer awareness that we’ve become a pinkafied nation.  These days, during the month of October,  you can buy just about anything that has been pinkafied with the ruse that a portion of the sale of a product will go to support breast cancer awareness. 

The truth of the matter is corporate entities are using the popularity of the pink movement to get their name and brands out in the public eye without having to be really accountable for how much of the proceeds actually go to the cause.  How do they account for the huge sums of money they “donate”?  Do the merchants raise prices on their products so the new overage can account for their “donation”?  Are the pink pushed products those which promote healthy living?

If you have a chance before you pink yourself out this month, check out Think Before you Pink and get you mind really thinking about the pink movement and what it means to us as a consumer savvy generation.  Something that really stood out to me was this line “If shopping could cure breast cancer it would be cured by now.”  Gives you something to think about.

Is it so wrong….

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That I counted the minutes until my husband left for the weekend because: 1. I have a Sam Adams chilling in the fridge (ok, two Sams.  ok fine, a twevel of Sam but that has to last me Friday AND Saturday), 2.  I’m making a green olive, black olive and mushroom pizza and if I want, I CAN EAT IT ALL MYSELF and 3.  a king-size bed I don’t have to share with someone who snores.

 Yeah for me!

Out of the Loop

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It’s an interesting thing when your child starts getting older.  Learning how to walk and talk and talk back….I look back at pictures from a year ago and am amazed how much Sophie has grown and changed.  A lot of it had to do with the addition of her brother, I think.  Having him  home has really pushed her out of her shell and she has evolved into an outgoing little minx.

She started preschool about a month ago (YES I KNOW…..MY BLOGGING IS VERY LAX) and she is really loving it.  She has asked on a few occasions if I’m going to leave her alone.  Which I think partly stems from our trip to Korea.  It was the first time we left her for an extended period of time.  She still has some night time requests for one of us to sleep in her bed as I think she wants to make sure we are close by.

But the preschool thing….it is strange and amazing that she has a small block of time to her own.  With other adults to be responsible to and peers to play with.  She is learning songs that I cannot sing because I’ve never heard them before.  So she becomes my teacher so we can share the things she has learned.  She is enjoying art – she even finger-painted.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal but this girl has serious issues with textures in food and touch.  I was amazed that her teacher said she dove right into it without hesitation.

I’m so proud and thankful and relieved that she is having fun and excited to be at school.  Here is a shot of her first day:

That was just after I explained that school is for big girls like Sophie but not for Mommy or Henry.  She was a bit unsure (ya think?) with the whole being left idea until I explained how the day would go.  Pretty much they sit on a rug and hear a story, then play a bit, do some art, clean up toys and finally have a snack.  I told her I would be there to pick her up after her snack:

And I’m not sure if all was right with the world because I was going to pick her up or if it was because she would be getting a snack.  I’m sure it’s a bit of both.

Friday Fun Pic – Part 30

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Before the rivarly….

One for all the Mom’s

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Thanks to beth for sharing this with me so I can share it with you….

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