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She is the thing I am most proud of in my life; my perserverence to bring her into this world when I thought all hope was lost.  Feeling her grow inside me, always having her with me during those first nine months.  A sort of secret society of two hearts beating as one.  Her time inside me was uneventful, especially considering all we went through to make her.  Her delivery was flawless.  And this was the first time I saw her:

If I had to pick only one favorite picture of her it would be this one.  It is my first memory of her in the flesh.  Touching her, smelling her, looking into her eyes when she heard my voice.   And now, four years later….four years….it is merely a drop in the hat but it seems like forever in the same breath.  She’s growing too fast….I want to freeze time and savor every minute.  But I can’t….so I just love you the only way I know how.  Fully and completely. 

Happy 4th Birthday my beautiful Bean.



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  1. Beautiful Pictures! HAPPY HAPPY DAY SOPHIE!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

  3. Beautiful and lovely. Happy day to you all.

  4. I have not read your blog for a while and this one made me cry. I am so happy you had this pregnancy and am also so happy you have your adoption experience. You are blessed in both! Love to you and all your family.

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