Baby Business

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I’m not sure how I found this link but click here to check out the trailer of a new documentary film entitled The Business of Being Born.    It examines the impact of business decisions made by hospitals to provide care for women giving birth.  Unfortunately the only screening in IL is in Springfield so I’ll have to wait until it is available for rental through NetFlix.  Just a little something that piqued my curiosity.

18 and Counting

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Today Henry is 18 months old….and he has been home for almost 1 year.  I cannot believe it.  The other night we actually watched the video my sister shot of us coming home from Korea and I cannot believe how small Henry looks. 

So here’s the nitty, gritty update:  he is 24 pounds 12 oz and 31″ tall.  He HATED every minute of the exam except for when the doctor occupied both his hands with interesting little trinkets.  It afforded her just enough time to listen to his heart and lungs which prompted a nice loud cry in which to check his teeth and mouth.  Unfortunately he had to get three shots but recovered fairly quickly and was frantically waving and saying “bye-bye”.  Poor little guy….now he’ll start remembering these visits.

He is a maniac – very active and inquisitive.  He is bold and fearless and has yet to comprehend the theory of gravity as in don’t stand on the couch because you can get hurt.  Yeah – not quite there yet.  He eats like a horse and his growth is proving it.  He has all his teeth now (his eye teeth were a little stubborn but the last two on the bottom have finally peeked through his gums). 

An interesting thing I had recently been emailing the other gals we met through our agency about is speech development.  Our pediatrician has us fill out a questionnaire about development and speech is one of the categories.  After grading my responses to his development, the doctor suggested we have his hearing tested because of a speech delay.  I didn’t give it much thought while I was in the office because I know there isn’t anything wrong with his hearing.  (Listening on the other hand is a problem but hey, he’s 18 months old!)  He can hear me sneaking, or trying to sneak, food in the kitchen when he is happily occupied by toys in the other room.  I decided that since he was only exposed to Korean for the first 7 months of his life, his speech is just fine.  He isn’t saying two word sentences (i.e. mommy eat) but he does speak about 15-20 words that aren’t clear as day but different from one another and we know what he is saying.  So for now, no hearing test.

He loves being outside – even in the freezing temperatures – and really loves when the wind blows on his face.  He definitely does not like to share his crib with any friends as they are usually found on the floor in the morning but his “big blankie” is his favorite thing to cuddle.  He still sucks his thumb and it’s funny to watch him try to suck his thumb and play when he is tired.  He doesn’t want to give up the toy or the thumb and tries his hardest to make both work for him.

Here’s a shot of him thinking he’s pretty cool to wear a baseball hat like daddy:

Kit Kat Kate

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I have such vivid memories of your brothers being born – I think because Jack was the first and Brent I knew existed before her mom even told me she was pregnant.  With Kate though I was in the throws of my infertility and somehow her arrival into this world has been lost to the selfish grief I was experiencing at the time.

Today you are 6 and what an amazing 6 you are.  You are the spunkiest girl I know and funnier than all get out.  Not to mention you kicked the adults butts on New Year’s Eve at Wii bowling to which I bow down to you.  You are a goofy, energetic and beautiful girl that loves to mother her younger cousins and we appreciate knowing you’ve always got an eye out for Henry.  Happy Birthday!

The World According to Sophie

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One of the things I love most about Sophie is her amazing imagination and her love of independent/creative play.  She has all these little figures that she plays with and it cracks me up to listen to the conversations she creates in her head.  This past Sunday I found these cast of characters strewn about the family room and kitchen:

I’m not quite sure what this was all about but I think it was a mommy and baby snake. 

Then we have the exiled farm animals on a make-shift raft floating somewhere in the South Pacific I believe.  Finally:

Dora and Diego taking in a little football.  What a fun house we have.

Conversations with Sophie – Act 9

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Weary mom weak from an ongoing cold and recent bout of the 24-hour stomach flu has somehow gotten herself vertical enough to shower and make her bed.  Sassy toddler is watching intently as the two engage in light conversation about nothing specific.  Toddler grows quiet as mom fights through her NyQuil haze as the small one speaks:

Sophie:  Mommy, when I was in your tummy is was really dark.

Mom: I bet it was.

Sophie:  It was really loud too.

Mom:  Are you sure?  I would think it was really quiet in there.  Hmmm…  Mom pauses to ponder the deep thinking of her 4-year old.

Sophie:  Mommy, how did I get into your tummy?

For a moment the world spins not from NyQuil but from sheer panic and terror at having to explain the basics of the “facts of life” to her daughter.  Trying to remember the advice she was told to only answer with the briefest amount of information necessary to answer their question she replies:

Mom:  A doctor put you there.

And that is the truth.  We can iron out the details later.  Much later.

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