Conversations with Sophie – Act 9

January 5, 2008 at 8:47 pm | Posted in Sophie stuff | 1 Comment

Weary mom weak from an ongoing cold and recent bout of the 24-hour stomach flu has somehow gotten herself vertical enough to shower and make her bed.  Sassy toddler is watching intently as the two engage in light conversation about nothing specific.  Toddler grows quiet as mom fights through her NyQuil haze as the small one speaks:

Sophie:  Mommy, when I was in your tummy is was really dark.

Mom: I bet it was.

Sophie:  It was really loud too.

Mom:  Are you sure?  I would think it was really quiet in there.  Hmmm…  Mom pauses to ponder the deep thinking of her 4-year old.

Sophie:  Mommy, how did I get into your tummy?

For a moment the world spins not from NyQuil but from sheer panic and terror at having to explain the basics of the “facts of life” to her daughter.  Trying to remember the advice she was told to only answer with the briefest amount of information necessary to answer their question she replies:

Mom:  A doctor put you there.

And that is the truth.  We can iron out the details later.  Much later.

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  1. I am weird but I am looking forward to explaining and talking about it. My mom didn’t and I think she should have. It would have been embarassing. It would have been awkward but some info should come from your parents. We talk about how babies are made all the time. We talk about adoption too because my cousin we love dearly is adopted and what that means. There is nothing embarassing or silly about how two people love each other so much that they make a baby appear. I think that is why Henry’s story will be even more amazing. Not only did you have to have sex…but some other people had to have sex for him to get to you all. Powerful stuff.

    xx Hope you feel better soon. I am feeling kind of fat though and I could use a stomach flu.

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