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January 21, 2008 at 2:19 pm | Posted in Check out this blog | 1 Comment

I’m not sure how I found this link but click here to check out the trailer of a new documentary film entitled The Business of Being Born.    It examines the impact of business decisions made by hospitals to provide care for women giving birth.  Unfortunately the only screening in IL is in Springfield so I’ll have to wait until it is available for rental through NetFlix.  Just a little something that piqued my curiosity.

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  1. You should read Naomi Wolf’s book MISCONCEPTIONS. She blew the lid off of birthin about 7 years back. I think she is a bit biased though, as ALL birth/feeding/infant/parenting type things I have read. I think it is impossible to find something about that subject that is not tainted by the authors personal experience. People are so attached to how their children have come into this world and must justify their choices so they can move on and be parents. It is only natural. I hear the same powerful feelings come from a homebirthing mom as I do a planned c-section mom. Birth is wild, no matter how a baby winds up in your life.

    It showed here but I missed it.

    I don’t know, I just finished Maternal/Newborn clinicals and I kinda get how the US is a baby factory with little regard to what is best for mom and baby and our C-section rates are almost as high as Brazil’s (the elective surgery capital of the whole world!) and our infant mortality rates are very high, compared to other countries like some in Europe and Scandinavia.

    I live in a very important medical state and we have one of the highest standards of medical care available to anyone in the world right here. Our ED called Shock Trauma is world known and our city has a crazy high murder rate, I think the 5th in the nation or something? Most people feel it would be a lot higher if we did not have the highest caliber of life-saving doctors right here in our city…they save a lot people that would die in other cities.

    Medical care is so complicated in our country and it doesn’t/shouldn’t be.

    Let me know when you see it…I want to too.

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