In the Beginning…

February 8, 2008 at 8:48 am | Posted in Henry Stuff | 4 Comments

There was this little glimpse of our future:

It was amazing to see this little man, so close to us yet still so far away.  It had been a maze of paperwork and meetings and anxious days awaiting a phone call.  Then this.  This gem of a piece of paper with his name and his birthdate and this picture.  And we clung to it as the minutes gave way to hours and hours gave way to days. 

And then there was this:

And the nickname Boy King was coined.  He had chubbed up a bit and with his “What’s up” expression we were so thankful that we received updated information on him including this picture.  We began to really wonder when our travel call would come.  But mostly we wondered what his hair looked like under that hat!!!!

We never intended to travel to Korea – not with Sophie at home and my intense fear of flying.  Instead we had planned on having an escort fly Henry home to us so we could experience meeting him as a family.  But as time ticked by and the prospect of an available escort became questionable, we started talking about making the trip. 

I was terrified.  I had never left Sophie for more than one night and that was for a trip to St. Louis for a wedding.  This was a week half way across the world.  No easy way to get home in the event of an emergency.  But our families rallied and arranged their schedules to care for her and I got some good drugs from my doctor and off we went.

I could not believe I was flying so far away to bring home our son.  There is an aspect of this journey that was so unreal for me because he was so far away and the paper chase is so long.  It still seems unreal in a sense.  We met Henry for the first time on what was Superbowl Sunday 2007:

We were so taken aback by the whole situation it is difficult even now to put into words.  It was dreamlike and nerve wracking all at the same time.  We had a thousand questions and wanted to follow proper protocol but it just still seemed so unreal.  We were fortunate to have a second meeting two days later:

Honestly, the cuteness was just too much to bear!  We were so amazed that during both visits Henry never cried or was hesitant to let us hold him and feed him.  His demeanor was easy going yet energetic – we were just shocked that he seemed to feel calm with us.  I imagine it was because it was meant to be and he possibly knew he was home with us.

We spent a few more days in Seoul before heading home.  We had a quick flight from Seoul to Japan then the long flight home to Chicago.  Henry slept for 7 hours straight, on our laps, from Japan to Chicago and was quite refreshed when we landed.  Too bad I can’t say the same for us (well for Ed anyway…there is no photographic evidence of my exhaustion!):

We settled into a pretty good routine after about 3 days or so – we got his days and nights flipped around by then and he was sleeping through our night.  And now it’s been a year since we stepped off the airplane with a baby strapped to my chest.  There are days it seems like a year and others it seems like just yesterday.  When I look back to these pictures it is amazing to me how little he was and how much he has grown in that short year. 

He is a spunky monkey, determined and curious and enegertic as all get out.  He has tested me in my ideas of parenting but we’ve come to an understanding that I’m just barely in charge of what goes on around here.  He has an infectious laugh which is easily summoned by the slightest tickle just about anywhere on his body.  And he is my son.  My son.



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  1. Brings tears to my eyes! He’s so adorable, A. You guys are sooo lucky!!! Happy anniversary. 🙂

  2. I hope you are adding to your blog book. What a wonderful keepsake for him!
    He is the cutest!

  3. Happy Homecoming – Year 1. He is an incredible little guy. So cute. So funny. SO tickelish. He is yours and you are his. You might not have known it then but I know you feel it now.

  4. Tears of happiness for you all. So much joy and love and that is a wonderful thing.

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