Reaction from the Peanut Gallery

February 9, 2008 at 11:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Mom:  Hey Sophie, do you know what today is?

Sophie:  I can’t hear the TV.

Mom:  I know.  I turned it down so I can talk to you.  Do you know what today is?

Sophie: No.

Mom:  One year ago today, Daddy and I brought Henry home from Korea!!!

Sophie:  Are you going to take him back?

Spoken like a true sibling.



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  1. This is too funny!!!

  2. She is the funniest kid I know – without meaning to be.

  3. You know I asked Spawn about that when Chica was about 5 weeks or so. We had all just finished nursing, yes–both of them together—and were having a quiet moment of snuggles on the couch and I asked him if we should because all my friends had been harping on asking if he had asked.

    He looked at me horrified at the thought which until that moment had never occured to him and said, “Noooo?”. Poor guy. I feel like a scarred him a little that day. His eyes welled up with tears and he said to me, “you grew her and she is ours. You can’t take her anywhere.”

    He still loves her that much and it is evident by the amount of pounding on and kissing on he does to her.

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