I’m Late..I’m Late..for a very important date

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Today is March 31 not March 29 the day this should have been posted.  But I’m going to blame it on a very busy weekend that started with us missing a birthday party because Sophie was running a fever, then me being away all Saturday morning then just plain old forgetting.  BUT I did wish you happy birthday in person on Saturday so that has to count for something.  Plus I had to find a good picture and didn’t you know it, all the ones I wanted to use I had already posted.  So here we go … better late than never….

I wish I had a picture of you right after you came home from the hospital.  I think you know the ones where you are laying on the kitchen counter and we are hovering over you amazed at how tiny you were.  And you could already curl your tongue.  We had those years when you were a pest and wanted to play and I was too cool or mean or just playing the big sister role as I had learned it from Sara.

I’m fortunate to have two sisters that I consider my friends.  My best friends and closest allies in this crazy thing called life.  You allowed me to live vicariously through you during your college years and for that alone I could never thank you enough.  I’ve always been jealous of your butt…oh wait, we’ve been through that one so many times.  I’ve always admired your inner and outer strength and grace and often wondered how you do all you do without being nearly as crabby as I seem to be without half of what you have on your plate.

You are a fun, funny, giving woman, mother, sister and friend and I am blessed to have you in my life.  So feast your eyes on this my dear…..

Here we are in all our glory….bowl haircut, missing tooth, Shawn Cassidy tee shirt and disco fever forever.  Happy belated birthday…


March 27, 2008 at 7:09 pm | Posted in What the hell? | 1 Comment

I’m thinking it’s just the combination of illness in our house since Thanksgiving (yes, Thanksgiving) plus the f-ing weather despite someone saying the first day of Spring was actually March 20th ( yes it did snow today) plus my children being absolutely stir crazy indoors and being premenstrual and having a busy weekend ahead of us and knowing I have three hampers full of dirty clothes and a sink full of dishes and a book I’m really loving yet seem to have no time to read and my car continuing to have problems that the Honda dealer swears they cannot re-create and my husband thinking I’m kind of a dolt when it comes to pricing out airfare to Arizona (which by the way for those who have been following the story the airfare was booked and the tickets were almost $500.  I REST MY CASE!!!!!)…

 But damn, I’m feeling a bit like a deflated balloon.  Momma needs a vacation.

Top ‘O the Morning

March 21, 2008 at 12:27 pm | Posted in Henry Stuff, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Well aren’t we all just a touch Irish on St. Pat’s Day? 

(Thanks Beth for the cute hats for all the kids at K’s bday party.  And again I’m so very, very sorry that Henry puked on your basement carpet.  I owe you major cocktails when we’re at the lake this summer)


March 20, 2008 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Birthdays | 1 Comment

Today is not only the first day of Spring, it is the day you were born.  I wish I could remember more about us growing up but honestly, those memories have been replaced with adult memories which are just as fun and amazing.  I always wanted to be like you (except in the days of really bad “mom” hair – which I decided NOT to post on here today and took a softer, more conservative approach to my annual birthday picture.  Although I will just ask you to take a moment and observe the earrings you sported on your wedding day).

You’ve always been my friend and my surrogate mother when I was too scared or ashamed to turn to Mom.  You’re always there to share advice, or assvice, depending on the circumstances.  I’d trust you with my life and more importantly my children.  You are one of my best friends and deepest confidants. 

Happy Birthday!!


March 19, 2008 at 7:17 am | Posted in General Junk | 4 Comments


Last week I went to the grocery store sans kids given the most recent issues with Henry and shopping.  It was around 8 pm and I was just running in to pick up a prescription that I kept forgetting to pick up.  Thankfully the cheery Osco Drug automated calling system was diligent on reminding me oh about three times a day that it was ready.  So to get that monkey off my back I ran out to get my drugs.

I parked my car in the second or third spot, very nice later at night when not too many people are shopping, and noticed a car parked near the door in the loading zone area with it’s hazard lights on.  As I crossed the main thoroughfare of the lot to enter the store, a second car pulled in front of the first and put their hazard lights on.  

I walked into the store, noticing the television screens hanging just above the entryway that gave split-screen shots of various views of the parking lot.  It brought to mind the grainy shots shown on CNN and such of violent acts committed against unsuspecting people as they went about their daily lives.  And then I thought again of the two cars parked just outside the door and my heart began to beat a bit faster.  My only stop was the pharmacy and it was basically a straight shot from the entrance door down the length of the store to the back corner.  I knew there was a door just to the left of the pick-up counter where product was stocked and stored so there must be an exit from that area of the store if I needed to make a hasty escape.  Thankfully there was no one else in line so I was quickly checked out and on my way out of the store.  When I exited, the two cars were gone and the night was calm and still.  And I started to wonder what it was that makes me panic in situations like these.

It’s not the first time I’ve planned an escape from an enclosed space.  Actually I find myself doing it quite frequently.  It doesn’t seem to happen in restaurants – but we don’t really eat out all that much.  It has always happened in the places I have worked.  I can’t remember not ever thinking about multiple escape routes from different areas of building based on different scenarios.  Picking hiding places that were easily accessible yet discrete enough that a perpetrator wouldn’t think to look in those spaces.  I always have my cell phone on me – except when I’m walking around my house or a family’s house.  I have this weird need to feel prepared….and I don’t spend a lot of time and energy on it.  I don’t obsess about it but I do sometimes feel the need to address it and make a plan. 

I also always diligently study the in-flight safety brochure whenever I fly.  I always wear all natural fiber clothing (cotton – no poly or blends) and non-heeled shoes in the event I need to make a quick get away.  I count the seat backs to the nearest two exits in the event the visibility in the airplane is zero so I can get myself out.  As an alternative I look at the passengers sitting the in seats to those exits to determine if I could climb over the seat backs to get to an exit if the aisle is crowded.

So what do you think?  Is it a girl thing?  Is it a Virgo thing?  Is there anyone else out there who thinks this same way sometimes?


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Something/one has invaded my computer as I’ve been trying to post for the last 2 days and this is the first I’ve been able to post.  So…..please bear with me as I do have things on my mind that I want to post but I just don’t know how reliable I’ll be until I can get this figured out.

 With that said, for some fun March Madness check out this post at Go Fug Yourself and fill out your bracket.  The voting starts Thursday and if I can I’ll post my grid and we can compare notes.

Reese’s Pieces

March 15, 2008 at 7:30 am | Posted in Birthdays | 1 Comment

Today you are 4 tootie magoo.  We can’t be there to celebrate with you but we will engage in a slew of poopy-head talk today in your honor.  Your bootie buddy misses you dearly and is always, always, always wondering when we are going to visit you so we must do so soon.  We hope you have a very happy birthday Reesey Cakes!!!



March 1, 2008 at 7:13 pm | Posted in General Junk | 2 Comments

If you eat the whole box yourself within a 48-hour period, is it still considered a “low calorie” food?  What if after finishing the first box you buy a second and also consume it within an additional 48-hours?  I have no self control….

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