I’m Late..I’m Late..for a very important date

March 31, 2008 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Birthdays | 3 Comments

Today is March 31 not March 29 the day this should have been posted.  But I’m going to blame it on a very busy weekend that started with us missing a birthday party because Sophie was running a fever, then me being away all Saturday morning then just plain old forgetting.  BUT I did wish you happy birthday in person on Saturday so that has to count for something.  Plus I had to find a good picture and didn’t you know it, all the ones I wanted to use I had already posted.  So here we go … better late than never….

I wish I had a picture of you right after you came home from the hospital.  I think you know the ones where you are laying on the kitchen counter and we are hovering over you amazed at how tiny you were.  And you could already curl your tongue.  We had those years when you were a pest and wanted to play and I was too cool or mean or just playing the big sister role as I had learned it from Sara.

I’m fortunate to have two sisters that I consider my friends.  My best friends and closest allies in this crazy thing called life.  You allowed me to live vicariously through you during your college years and for that alone I could never thank you enough.  I’ve always been jealous of your butt…oh wait, we’ve been through that one so many times.  I’ve always admired your inner and outer strength and grace and often wondered how you do all you do without being nearly as crabby as I seem to be without half of what you have on your plate.

You are a fun, funny, giving woman, mother, sister and friend and I am blessed to have you in my life.  So feast your eyes on this my dear…..

Here we are in all our glory….bowl haircut, missing tooth, Shawn Cassidy tee shirt and disco fever forever.  Happy belated birthday…


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  1. OMG! This picture was WAY worse than mine. HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. … but wait. I didn’t even MENTION the cool yellow pants. AWESOME!

  3. Thanks so much for the nice birthday wish. Chad was just looking over my shoulder and said “Is that you? Don’t take this the wrong way, but you were not very cute at that age”. 🙂 At least he followed that up with you have come a long way.

    The memories are so vivid to me – the dance routines, laying in the hallway talking when we should have been in bed. I spent most of those years copying everything you did. From wearing your clothes to gymnastics. You were and are a great role model for me. I am so very lucky.

    As much as they are getting a little old to get away with the potty talk. I love that Reese and Sophie have their own special bond forming and hope it continues into adulthood (with Kit Kat Kate leading the way of course!).

    Love You!

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