The Bird is the Word

April 4, 2008 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Sophie stuff | 2 Comments

Never in a million years would I imagine that Sophie would enjoy the company of a bird so much.  I fear we may need to buy her one for her birthday…

Major thanks to Brent for sharing his pet with us this weekend!!!


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  1. I LOVE birds. My dad and aunt always had them. I don’t reccomend a mina bird though..loud and obnoxious.

    My aunt had a bird just like this one…his name was Blue and he was a sweetie. So smart. He did chew on stuff…like curtains, moldings on doors, countertops…ect.

    Birds are smart and if you take good care of them (feed them a varied diet of real fruit and veggies…) they can live a long, long, long, long time. They are flock animals so will get very sad and upset when their flock leaves them for any reason (think pining away for you while you are on vacation).

    Talk to more bird owners…it is a big commitment. you will be forever known as “bird people”. I am jealous…I would LOVE to get a bird but husband would leave me.

  2. Sophie is such a cutie…what a great shot!

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