Conversations with Sophie – Act 11

April 11, 2008 at 7:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

As a respite from the craziness of single parenting while the husband is away, weary mom turns on Jon and Kate Plus 8 to assure herself that if they can do it with twins and sextuplets, she can do it on her own with just two kids.  This episode finds the Gosselin clan visiting a local organic farm where they get to feed chickens, take a hay ride and watch the cows get milked. 

Mom (hoping for a bit of distraction for almost 2 year old who is BEYOND crabby): Hey Henry, look at the chickens!

Henry:  bok bok!!!

Mom:  Sophie, look at the cows.  There are baby ones too!

Sophie: Do cows eat people?

Mom:   Not if we eat them first….

Henry:   bok bok!!!

Edited to add: I had forgotten we had taken this picture last May at the lake.  Sneakly little suckers…


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  1. hahahahha

  2. I once saw a man get bitten by a cow. I don’t think he ever got over the humiliation.

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