Rootbeer Skin

April 13, 2008 at 7:47 pm | Posted in Birthdays | 1 Comment

Ah Cole….we did forget to call tonight to wish you the happiest of birthdays even though yesterday I reminded myself to call while talking to your mom.  This is what happens when we get old as you will see some day far from now.

It seems it took forever for you to get here – which it almost did.  56 hours or so of labor for your poor mother but darn it if you weren’t worth every last minute.  You had the best hair sticky-uppy when you were younger that reminded us of Grandpa Mac.  You are growing into a little man before our eyes – and you are so loving, gentle and kind to Sophie and Henry.  Six years down and a lifetime to go.  We hope you had a very happy day today and we can’t wait to see you soon.


Even though this is quite old, it is one of my favorite pictures of you…you were soooo excited to try on Kate’s hat and mittens this particular Christmas. Those eyes and those cheeks are just too much to resist!

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  1. I think I might need to borrow Sophie and Henry because he is always the sweetest boy around them. He is testing our strength these days.
    I heard about the terrible twos, but no one gave me any warning about 6 year olds!!!

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