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When “helping” Daddy and Uncle Pat ready the boat for water, don’t use the captain’s seat post as a megaphone.


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I made a promise to myself shortly after Sophie was born that I wasn’t going to be “one of those Mom’s” who wore Disney tee shirts, got queer vanity license plates and forced their kids to listen to “kids music.”  I mean no offense to those Moms out there who fall into one or more of these categories.   I’m just being honest about my personal feelings about what kind of Mom I want to be.

Just recently I decided that I would keep some Mom music in my car and I would not turn on the DVD player every time I started the car.  I had been better about this lately.  If we were taking a short trip it most definitely did not go on.  If I was desperate to keep the kids awake well, that is another story.  So today while Sophie and I ran some errands I opened the CD case and popped in an oldie but a goodie

Oh how I have forgotten what music does to me.  It has a way of solidifying a moment in my brain to which I am instantaneously transported to when I hear the melody floating through the air.  This song in particular takes me back to a time in my life when I was so utterly and completely lost.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I was dating someone, and had been for quite a while, but our relationship was shit.  He was directionless and unmotivated and seemed to zap the energy right out of me.  We drank.  A LOT.  We never went anywhere without a cooler.  Honestly – no where.  But he was every body’s best friend and everyone loved him and I did too.  For a while.  But I think I started realizing that the relationship was doomed and underneath it all it began to fall apart.

Then there was his friend.  A very stylish although, honestly, rather homely guy who was into cool music and paid me the attention that my boyfriend couldn’t or wouldn’t.  And he had this girl who played him like a violin and really treated him like shit.  And she was judgmental about anyone and anything that didn’t agree with her uptight, narrow point of view.  Any my boyfriend had been friends with her before we dated and he felt the need to help her out with anything, anytime.  So me and the friend became friends.  Close friends.  And we could or would have become more if either one of us were moral-less.  But we weren’t.  We were friends. 

But when I hear this song it haunts me to think of how deeply lost I was.   But the words are so brutally honest and they cut through the bullshit and just….and just….remind me.  That’s all.

Oh the Irony

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I wanted to run to Target really quickly this morning as I realized that a pair of shorts I bought needed to be returned.  I also needed to pick up a more summery purse for the few times I venture out and feel the need to carry an actual purse.  I digress….so I load up the kids one of which is coming off a 3 day fever and one who seems to be on the upswing of the 3 day fever.  I promise them I only need to return the shorts….and look for a purse….and a pair of faux crocks for Henry….and…..you know how Target goes.

So they were very, very patient and well behaved so we took a swing through the toy asile.  Never a good idea really.  As we began the negotiations on par with a UN summit I’m sure, we settled on two very small items each under $5.  Henry got a way cool John Deere tractor and Sophie picked out a polly-pocket type Cinderella doll with impossibly small rubber-type clothes.  She already has an Ariel version of the same and I figured she might just like to have a friend to talk to.

We get home and open the toys and off the children play quietly….well, not really quietly but play none the less.  When out of the quiet comes the shrieking of my daughter for help.  I inquire of what is the trouble and she points to the shoes included in the doll set.  Two pair: one a lovely pink with a bow and of course a pair of glass slippers.  What Cinderella would be complete without the glass slippers?  I manage to get a hold of the minuscule shoe and try as I might it will not fit on her foot.  The pink ones fit fine but the glass slippers….not a chance.  Sorry Prince Charming.  You picked the wrong princess.

Do You Know a Juno??

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I’ve given myself a bit of a gift by having my children occupied two mornings a week during the summer.  It’s really just to give me a couple of hours to myself to work out or grocery shop or watch The Today Show (not GMA, remember??).  So imagine my shock when this story pops up as a teaser of what’s to come in the next hour. 

As a parent, and a parent that didn’t come by parenting either easily or early in life, I can tell you it isn’t something to be so flip about.  I find it almost impossible to believe these girls have any idea what they have gotten themselves into.  In a quote given by the high school Principal he states, “these girls are generally lack self-esteem and have a lack of love in their lives.”  So I would imagine they think that by having a baby they will have someone in their lives that will love them unconditionally.  Yeah….when was the last time you heard a parent say, “You know what I love most about my kids is that no matter what, they love me.”  As a parent we know that they love us but more often than not what you’ll hear a parent say is “My kids are driving me crazy!!!  They need this, they want that, they need to be driven here, they want this friend to stay over….”  And that is typically kids who are a bit older.  What about a newborn?  Waking every 4 or so hours to eat, be changed, put back to bed only to wake in another 3 hours to start all over again.  The dependence and neediness of a newborn/infant/toddler is, in my opinion, the hardest need to fill because it almost isn’t enough for them.

These girls are 16 and younger (although not much younger I assume from the article).  What is going to happen when it is time to go to school?  Does the school make arrangements for them to bring their babies to school?  How will they be able to focus on learning when they need to feed and change their babies?  I didn’t have my daughter until I was 35 and I had a husband who worked so we could afford for me to stay home financially.  I didn’t have to think about getting my high school education but damn, I could barely shower or put a load of laundry in the wash I was so tired. 

So what happens to these babies?  Do their parents step in and raise them?  What about the fathers and their families?  Who becomes ultimately responsible for raising these children?  And what will they think when they get older about their parents decision to build their family in the way that they did?  Will there be more children by different fathers in the years to come?  I don’t know.  I don’t get it.  I was a 35 year old married woman who completed high school and college and traveled, had fun, lived a fun single life and I was both terrified and excited to be a mom.  But I had a strong support structure in my families and that is what helped me through those early years that are so difficult.

The title of this post isn’t really an accurate or fair one as anyone who has seen the movie knows.  Juno didn’t set out to get pregnant like these girls did nor does she have a romantic notion of what parenting and love would be about.  It is an unfair analogy the news media is painting between the real life decisions of these girls on the east coast and a fictional character brought to life by writer Diablo Cody.  But it is a serious issue that deserves some thought and action.  What action?  I don’t know.  I can’t even begin to know.  But I feel for these girls and their families and these children to be born into a situation that is so messed up from the get-go that I wonder, what will they be thinking about life and love when they are their parent’s age?

Autumn of my life

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So my sister in law gave me a gift certificate to victoria’s secret for christmas which is soooo nice of her because we really just exchange gifts for the kids.  Yesterday I finally got around to shopping so I went in thinking I would be able to find something in thier more modest “pink” line rather than the sluttly MILF line on the opposite side of the store.  I had Sophie with me and she was nearing her threshold of tolerance for adult shopping so I knew I had to shop quickly.

One thing I can alway settle on are jammies.  So easy and so appreciated.  In this store, however, I had no luck.  I would find something that was a cute color, right fabric, no hood, no cutsie or suggestive saying splayed across the front and when I would pick them up what would I find?  The words PINK across the ass of the pants.  Now, I’ve been feelin’ pretty good about myself lately as I’ve taken charge of the rapid approach to my 40th birthday and dropped a nice 20 lbs since last July.  I run just about every day.  I eat healthier and am maintaining my new happier, healthier weight.  I bought a size 8 freakin’ jeans and they AREN’T TIGHT!  Dare I say I am tempted to try on a 6…..

I digress.  So I continue through the store looking.  Searching.  Hopeless.  Helpless.  And then my new BFF saunters up to offer help me find what I’m looking for.  She offers her expertise and advice of what would be good for me and yet, she keeps offering tiny, transparent tee shirts and hoodies (which I’ve already explained that I hate) and a parade of PINK-ass pants that have heavy embroidered letters and even glitter.

I can see the exasperation spreading over her face and I offer a white flag of surrender.  “You see…not only am I particular.  I am old.  People tell me all the time that I don’t look as old as I am.  But I am old.  Too old to wear words across my ass.  Even when I was 16-17-18 and had a much better ass that I do today, I wouldn’t wear words across it.  So thank you for all your time and help and I’m sorry I was such a difficult shopper to try and help.”  And I walked away to the forbidden side of the store in search of something.  Anything that I could spend my gift card on.

Getting old is hell….

I Curse the Light of Day

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It’s been a while since I could mention a nice dream….and what a nice one it was.  I won’t share the nitty-gritty details but Josh Holloway and I were confronted with opposition to our relationship by my family.  Thankfully he is a stand-up kind of guy and fought for his right to see me.  Sigh…..

Lighten Up Francis

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I’ve been told that I have quite a good sense of humor.  It is too bad that my sense of fashion does not match it.  Really unless I see an outfit on display and buy it that way, I am completely helpless when it comes to picking out coordinating outfits.  I would be a prime candidate for adult granimals wear.  Needless to say I pretty much stick to solids in earth tones because it is easy, it matches and with two small kids at home I have no need for nice clothes.

So I’ve been sporting a few of my favorite tee shirts from Planet Mom (and I can say this in the most selfish way that I HATE sharing a link to their site in fear that everyone will rush out and get their own tee and my unique perspective of mommy life will be out in the masses.  But please do buy their tees!!!) especially this one as it is short-sleeve weather.   It makes me smiley inside and outside because I think it is wickedly funny and am awaiting more moms to give me the wink-wink, nudge-nudge in approval.  And what have I received instead?  Quite a few sideways glances and looks of disapproval!  So I say to those uptight bitches (just for you Cole) in my surrounding suburbs, lighten up Francis.  It’s a joke.

Friday Funny

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I just saw this commercial while watching the Today show (remember, no more GMA!) and I almost wet my pants.  A good little flashback for me when I remember attempting the back-up dancer moves at my sisters wedding….

I’m No Dr. Spock

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But really, what daycare in their right mind would use paint that would stain a child’s hand this bad.  Oh don’t worry they told me.  It should come off in a few washings.

For What It’s Worth…My Two Cents

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So I’ve not taken to writing much because I guess I don’t have much to say right now plus it’s summer and who wants to be cooped up inside writing on the computer when it is hot outside.  I guess me for now because I do have something to say and it’s raining outside.  So here goes…

There has been a lot of press on the “man” pregnancy of Thomas Beatie.  This morning while making my usual rounds on the celebrity gossip websites I came across this link showcasing an update on the pregnancy as produced by Good Morning America.  I am completely and utterly intrigued by this story not only from a biological standpoint but by a sociological standpoint.  I’ve personally never had a problem with same-sex/transgendered couples adopting/raising children because there is too much shit going on in the world to deny a loving home to a child regardless of how they come to be in this world and into their family. 

My problem – is if you watch the video the reporter feels the need to interject the fact that this couple has openly “sold” their story and that anyone having children/raising children know how expensive it is to do so.  So why does that matter?  Does anyone honestly think that this family could find any privacy in their quest to build their family?  Does anyone honestly think that the press wouldn’t be camped out on their front lawn, at their physician’s office and the hospital trying to get an interview/photo/glimpse of this couple? 

I applaud Thomas and his partner Nancy for using the press to their advantage and controlling, as much as humanly possible, what is written/photographed about their life story.  It is fairly obvious that the press would hound these people until they more than likely would have to sit down and tell their story just to try to live a normal life anyway so why not use it to your advantage?  Fuck Good Morning America….

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