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It’s been a long, long, long day.  And it’s been a hot day.  And we’re all tired.  Physically.  Mentally.  I don’t want to do the whole bath routine.  Honestly I’d rather have someone pull out my fingernails with needle-nose pliers.  But I do it because I know how much better you sleep when your body is clean.  In clean sheets.  With cool air circulating all around you.  I pull the covers right up to her chin and she snuggles down into her cocoon, preparing for sleep.  Then it comes.  “Mommy?  Will you sleep with me for this little?”  (Imagine a sweet almost 5 year old holding her index finger and thumb about a half-an-inch apart).  And how can I refuse?  All I want to do is get myself into the shower and wash off the heat and salt and musk of the day and crawl into my own sanctuary and into the dizzy preface of sleep.  But I’ve lied to her so many times about escaping downstairs to do laundry or the dishes or put on my jammies and I promise I’ll be right back….and by the time I check her she is sweating the sweet sweat of sleepy childhood dreams and I tiptoe down to my own bed.  But there is something about her sleepy sweet smile tonight so I climb in beside her and a myriad of stuffed friends.  She hands me the giraffe that we share and giggle about the funny things we did today.  Her eyes are glassy and her body gently shifts to find that right spot to drift away.  Her eyes are closing.  Softly.  Her breathing is slowing, embracing the spiral into sleep.  And she reaches over in her pre-sleep daze and rests her hand on my arm.  And my heart is melted at the simplicity of the gesture.  A reassurance that I will be there as she slips away into her magical dreamland.

Observing the Observers

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There are times when I feel like a slacker mom because I don’t have my kids enrolled in 10,000 activities.  I don’t really like to go to the park.  I enjoy the public swimming pool even less.  I don’t even really like sitting in my own backyard, with no one to talk to, watching my kids play.  Unless I crack a beer or two but that generally leads to three or four and that just isn’t good. 

So, in the spirit of embracing some cooler temperatures and lower humidity, I loaded up the kids and went to the zoo today.  We are members at a nearby zoo and typically get there shortly after it opens and leave just as the masses are scoping out picnic spots.  Me, being the Queen of Snacking Moms, continually feed my kids whatever will keep them quiet, obedient and in the wagon while we look at the animals.  Today I found myself frustrated at the lack of social graces by the most sophisticated mammals, humans.  Here are a few of my observations:

-When walking down the paths between animal exhibits please yield to the right-hand side of the road.  This allows traffic to move smoothly throughout the zoo.   When carting around 4+ children or when traveling in packs of 2 or more adults with children,  it does NOT mean you can hog the entire path and force everyone else to walk around you. 

-Don’t let your 2, 3, 4, well how about anyone under the age of 12, push your overloaded stroller or wagon in the areas more densely populated.  There are wide open spaces to let the future drivers of America practice rolling over toes.


-I don’t care what anyone says, I would rather eat the ass end of a skunk than smell the penguin exhibit.  (Just for you CJ).  They are seriously the most foul smelling animals on the planet that I have encountered.

-I love the fact that our zoo has a Leine Lodge but damn, I’m not going to pay $8.75 for a 20oz beer that I have to feel like a lush and drink by myself.  Even though every time we go to the zoo it is the only thing I can think of that I really want to see/enjoy.

-The Chicago Public School System has some work to do.  While visiting the Hippo exhibit I heard not only one but three adult chaperones to a summer camp program tell the kids the Hippo was a Rhino.  WTF?

-All you swanky city moms, or suburban moms for that matter, who sport the Bugaboo strollers is it really necessary I mean really NECESSARY to own a stroller that costs $1,000?  It seems somehow irresponsible to me to have a stroller that costs nearly as much as a good used CAR.

Women and Children First

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This was a very elaborate rescue mission by two firefighting Rescue Heroes (unfortunately not pictured here.)  This makeshift lifeboat is actually a bed from a dollhouse and there was talk of sharks and whales….thankfully Pocahontas took the helm and led them all to safety.

Ten and Two

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I remember back to the days of drivers education, which I took through our High School, and I used to get teased for actually placing my hands and driving with them at Ten and Two.  I’m pretty sure it took me forever to get my actual license too because I was so afraid I would crash the car.  Following suit it has taken me too long to update the blog especially with birthday pictures.  Here goes:

We had a dual celebration this weekend on a much lower-key scale than in the past.  We even celebrated with each side of our families on different dates so we could really enjoy the company and experience and plus it just really worked out better this way for everyone.  So lets start with the Two:

Henry turned two on Friday.  I can’t believe it.  Two.  He seems bigger and younger at the same time.  I think because he came home at 7 months I have a skewed notion of how old he is/should be.  His two year check went well – he consistently tracks at the 25% for height and weight but that head…holding strong at 90%.  One day he may even be able to balance it atop his neck.  He is on the brink of a language explosion.  You can see the wheels turning when he wants to try to say something and if we can catch him in the right mood he’ll even try repeating words we say to him.  He is obsessed with cars: matchbox in particular and Ramone more specifically.  Sophie bought him a green one for his birthday and he has not let it out of his grasp for too long.  If you can see the tears on his cheeks in the picture below it is because I made him put Ramone down so he could eat a cupcake.  And if you know Henry, you know it takes A LOT to get between him and food:

And it didn’t take long for him to realize that the temporary trade of a car for food was a pretty good deal:

And now on to the Ten.  My nephew Brent turned ten on Saturday, hence the joint party.  Most of you don’t have the privilege of knowing this young man but if you did you would know he is thoughtful, smart, cerebral, artistic and funny.  I can’t believe he is ten and you can see glimpses of the man he will be in is changing face (well, not really this one):

And of course not to be overlooked by any means but honestly, the day wasn’t about them.  BUT there was a showing of the Tootie Nation in full force down to matching dresses that were purchased separately by the moms.  Once Sophie saw Reese wearing hers, there could be no denying that she must change.  Immediately.

Toe Away Zone

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I love the way things come together in my house these days…

Wiping off the dust

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Egads I haven’t written for ages.  Surviving a bathroom remodel, summer heat, trip to the lake for the 4th and preparing for the Boy King’s 2nd birthday.  Yes, second birthday.  Promise to write soon….promise.  Friend Cole has some things running through my head….

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