When the Prince is Away

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mm princess by you.

The princesses will play.  I know the green M&M’s have the “reputation” but it’s the quiet yellow ones you really have to look out for.

Get up and Get Away

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We took a trip to the lake this weekend to open the lakehouse for the 2009 summer season.  Well actually Ed and my brother-in-law Pat went up the weekend prior and did all the dirty work. All we really did this weekend was show up, eat, drink and have a ton of fun.  Here are a few random shots from the weekend:

From left to right my niece Kate, my niece Reese and Sophie:

three amigos by you.

Ed, Henry and my brother-in-law Chad:

ed henry chad by you.

Niece Kate and Sophie hanging out on the waverunner:

s kate waverunner by you.

Henry in the pool (once we got him in there it was very difficult to get him out):

h pool play by you.

And last but most certainly not least, Ed and I busting a gut.  We had been playing Catch Phrase and drinking, drinking, drinking but I don’t even remember what was so funny:

amy ed laugh by you.

My Little Graduate

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Today is a monumental day for us as we celebrate Sophie graduating from Pre-School. Seems almost silly to have a pre-school graduation but actually it makes sense – finishing out two years at one location to move on to “real” school with the big kids. She was a bit apprehensive about going to “congratulations” as she was calling it but bucked up like a champ once we got to her school.

Here’s a shot of her walking in with her classmates:

Swalking in by you.

It was a typical pre-school program full of songs and dance:

s graduation dance by you.

We laughed and got a bit teary as this first major milestone for our first born.  Next year we have Kindergarten with a bus and everything.  I’m not quite ready for that but I have all summer to adjust to her new endeavor in the fall.

I’m so, so proud of my Bean….

s mommy graduation by you.

What’s In a Name

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The media is has been in full frenzy with the H1N1 or Swine Flu for what, a couple of months now? Maybe it’s even longer because I think most of us have tuned out the Chicken Little/The Sky is Falling cries as of late. It just gets to be way too much. Yes, just way, way, way too much.

So while I was watching The Today Show this morning one of the top stories was the death of a school principal from Swine Flu last evening. Apparently this was the 7th death in the United States and somewhere around 130th worldwide. But I got to thinking about all this hype and hysteria and checked out the CDC’s website regarding average flu related deaths, and this is the “regular” or “seasonal” flu not the dreaded Swine flu and they report around 36,000 deaths per year. PER YEAR. And that is just in the United States. I mean, really. With all that is going on in our world that warrants national and even international attention do you all really think that Swine Flu should be topping the list?  I in no way, shape or form mean to belittle the loss of loved family members around the world but the media coverage of this “outbreak” has been blown to epic proportions.

So please media outlets let’s leave the swine where it belongs – thickly sliced and nicely pan fried resting aside two scrambled eggs, hash browns and wheat toast rather than splashed all over my television.

I’m baaaaaccccckkkkk…..

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Well maybe. I’m thinking about it. Glancing back at all of this I’m thinking maybe it’s time to start back up again. Maybe.

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