Artful deception

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And so I wonder what they think when the see you from the outside.   You know, all the carefully choosen pictures you post on Facebook or My Space or your blog.  The happy, smiley “hey look we’re on vacation” photos or do they dare post the one where she stands just enough off to the side to make you think hmmm…I wonder what is really going on there.  Could they truly be that happy?  Or do they show us only what we want to see.  What we need to see to believe?


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Behold the latest addition to the extended family: my sister’s dog Cooper:

cooper by you.

Ya Hey Der

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We took another trip up to the lake a week or so ago so here’s a fresh round of pics:

My nephew Brent testing out the waterslide:

brent on waterslide by you.

Henry’s first ride on the waverunner:

h waverunner cry by you.

It got better:

h ed waverunner by you.

Sophie’s first waverunner ride:

s ed on waverunner by you.

Niece Kate buried in the sand:

kate head sand by you.

Sophie and Henry on a walk to see the waterfall:

s and h waterfall walk by you.

And our destination (I have no idea whatsoever where Sophie came up with this pose but it was the pose of the weekend):

s h goofy waterfall by you.


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It is raining…man is it raining.  Not a thunderous downpour but a nice steady light rain that qualifies as more than a drizzle.  I’m fixing dinner and feel the need for some music to which I play a “mix” compilation buried deep in the stacks of now almost defunct CD’s.

There are times when moments from the past come calling my name. It is triggered by a song. A smell. A particular change in the weather. And I am transported to a specific place and time when things were so carefree that I cannot imagine what worries I carried in my head and in my heart. I can be so easily taken back to these places and I wonder, can the younger me sense the older me watching, waiting, anticipating what will come next?  

Train.  Elvis.  I am transported to these places in my past.  I can feel them.  Taste them.  Recall them with startlingly clarity.  The Cure.  Jeff Buckley.  Where am I?  Lost between then and now.  Abba.  Go’Go’s.  Genesis.  Yes, it is a Genesis.  My Genesis.  And I am both lost and found within it.

Walk Like an Egyptian

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s and h in water by you.


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I am driving. Alone. It is early morning and I am without children which oddly feels as though I am without an appendage. But it is freeing, my temporary disability. And it is sunny and my face is warm in the morning sunlight so I pull out my shades to spare my face of a few more squint induced wrinkles. And then I hear it…or lack of it. It is the silence surrounding me. It is peaceful at first then becomes deafening. I need to stop it….I must stop it. But how I wonder. Then it comes to me….what else can I do now but roll down the window and let the wind blow back my hair…..and I cranked the tunes and loved every last minute of it.

Summer in a Basket

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cherries 1 by you.


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h with inchworm by you.

Poster Child

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For George W. Bush’s abstinence only policy:

s ball belly by you.

From The Guardian:

It’s been a central plank of George Bush’s social policy: to stop teenagers having sex. More than $1bn of federal money has been spent on promoting abstinence since 1998 – posters printed, television adverts broadcast and entire education programmes devised for hundreds of thousands of girls and boys.

The trouble is, new research suggests that it hasn’t worked. At all.

A survey of more than 2,000 teenagers carried out by a research company on behalf of Congress found that the half of the sample given abstinence-only education displayed exactly the same predilection for sex as those who had received conventional sex education in which contraception was discussed.

Mathematica Policy Research sampled teenagers with an average age of 16 from a cross-section of communities in Florida, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Virginia. Both control groups had the same breakdown of behaviour: 23% in both sets had had sex in the previous year and always used a condom, 17% had sex only sometimes using a condom; and 4% had sex never using one. About a quarter of each group had had sex with three or more partners.

Since his days as governor of Texas, George Bush has been a firm advocate of abstinence education programmes, which teach that keeping zipped up is the only certain way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and that to deviate from the norms of human sexual activity is to risk harmful psychological and physical effects. “Abstinence hasn’t been given a very good chance, but it’s worked when it’s tried. That’s for certain,” he said.

But even in 1990s Texas, where Mr Bush spent $10m a year on abstinence education, the state had the fifth highest teen pregnancy rate in the US. Over the past six years he has stepped up the programme to more than $100m a year. He recently braved ridicule by extending it to adults aged 20-29, an age range in which 90% of people are sexually active.

In the context of findings like this, health workers and statisticians conclude that it is far better that children have safe sex, with knowledge of and access to contraception, than that they are preached a message of abstinence only to ignore it.

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