Anatomy 101

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Whilst I steal a few moments on the computer to check the latest celebrity gossip, Sophie and Henry are coloring on the floor of our teeny, tiny work area (it’s so small I can’t even call it a den).  Sophie colors a picture of Henry complete with yellow mohawk then moves on to a snowman where the following conversation takes place:

Henry:  Snowmen have a penis and a butt on them. 

Sophie:  No they are just made of snow.

Henry: No!   Snowmen have a penis and a butt on them.

Sophie:  Did they have any big bumps on the bottom?

Henry:  Yes!

 Sophie:  No they didn’t.  They are just made out of snow.  Only humans have those bumps.

Well thank goodness for that. 

Conversations with Sophie – Act 12

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Sleepy Mom cannot believe her son has the audacity to wake before 7 am on a Sunday.  After traipsing upstairs to assure him it is much too early to get out of bed she wearily climbs back into bed.  Just short of drifting off to sleep she hears a faint sound or perhaps a voice.  While straining to decipher the noise, again calls the son.  Mom stumbles into the family room to find her bright eyed and bushy tailed daughter engaged in a serious case of creative play with animal friends.  To which she begins to instruct:

Mom:  Sophie lower your voice because Daddy and Mallorie are still sleeping.

Child begins a non-stop barrage of sneezing and coughing and otherwise bodily-fluid inducing gestures to which Mom recoils in fear of sudden illness transfer.  Stunned Mom can hardly believe two days into the school year child is already sporting signs of festering germs.

Mom:  Sophie – cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze!

Sophie:  Mom I know!  But the garbage can made me sneeze.

Letting Go….a little

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I’m standing on my driveway and a blanket of grey covers the skies.  Every once in a while a slight breeze blows the dampness from the leaves and it trickles down my cheek but it’s not a tear.  Even though my heart is racing as much as yours is and your laugh echos through the quiet neighborhood.  The anticipation in the air is thick.  You are so giddy and I am so anxious and I know it is time to let go….a little.  To let you soar.  To let you roam free and test your independence.  And I will be here waiting for you to hear all about your amazing adventure today.  I will wonder what you did and who you met and if everyone was nice to you.  And if you were nice to everyone in return.  It is the beginning of a life that is secret and separate from you life “with” me.  One that I will only be privy to based on what you share with me.  Secondhand.  So, go forth little Bean…who is not so little anymore, and open your eyes, heart and mind to the beginning of your independent life.  School life.

s first day by you.

Checked In or Checked Out?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the responsibility of parents.  I don’t think I completely understood, or currently understand, the complexity of what it means to be a parent.  To be on call 24/7 regardless of age.  My mom is pretty much still the first person I want to call in a crisis and if she isn’t available then I call my older sister.  You have to be a mentor, a role model, a friend, a confidant, an enforcer, a cheerleader, an advocate, a protector.  All the time.  Until you die or become incapacitated to the point where the roles reverse and the child becomes the parent.  

There are times when I just don’t want to be the parent anymore.  I don’t want the responsibility of two small lives bearing their weight on my shoulders.  I want to get silly drunk and sleep until noon.  I want to slowly shop the mall and catch a movie or dinner with friends…without having to check-in to make sure someone can watch the kids.  But then that would mean I never had my kids.  And that I really cannot imagine.  I think of Henry’s birth parents in Korea and hope they have come forward to claim the letters and pictures I have sent since he came to live with us.  I hope they feel peace and comfort knowing that he is well and happy and loved.  I think of the miracle that is Sophie and how blessed we are to have her with us.

And now I think about the parents who do just quit their kids.  Maybe they cannot help it.  Maybe they can on some level but just don’t want the burden of responsibility anymore.  I’m sure there are a million situations and a million reasons why parents quit their kids.   My 15 year old niece is living with us because basically her parents have quit on her.  Not because she is trouble. She is an honor student.  She is an athlete.   She is kind and courteous and caring.  She has seen a lot of bad stuff in her 15 years and yet she has a drive and a desire to succeed that most people lack.  But her parents have quit on her.  They have decided that parenting just isn’t their thing right now…well, and honestly some of it is beyond them at this point due to serious personal circumstances.  But don’t we all have personal circumstances that, at times, makes it difficult to parent but how do you just quit your kids?  I can see quitting a spouse because they are adults and can fend for themselves but quitting a kid? 

So now I am parenting a 3 year old, a 6 year old and a 15 year old that I don’t know.   And I find myself absolutely lost, confused and furious that her parents have been allowed to check out on their daughter and leave her to live on her own.  I have to negotiate and navigate a course unknown to me on how to parent a child that belongs to someone else.  And to just let them check out.


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s h jump by you.

I suck…I know it.  It has been forever since I’ve posted or written.  I have a lot on my mind, most of which I’m hesitatnt to write about because it involves a family member who is young and I don’t feel it would be fair to her to air my feelings here.

I’m overdue on posting about Henry’s 3rd birthday last month.  And our visitors from Denmark.  And our new houseguest.  And so many other things.  So a photo will have to suffice.  I love this….the carefree life of kids in the summer.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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