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So I’m not quite sure how it is we came together.  I think it was my sophomore year as he was a Senior and older than I.  He was quite the preppy upperclassman who had formerly had a very preppy, cute, tiny girlfriend.  I remember the break-up as most people in the school couldn’t imagine him without her and visa-versa.  But we were at the same party – and I honestly cannot remember if I knew he was going to be there or if it was completely coincidence.  I want to think there had been rumblings that perhaps there was a liking between the two of us that had not traveled very far amongst people. 

We were at a party at a house not too far from where I live now and every now and then when I run past there I remember that night.  I remember sitting in the family room and talking to him and being so nervous.  I remember when he asked me to go into one of the bedrooms in the back of the house and I could barely even move.  I wasn’t sure what he had in mind…and much to my relief he wanted to talk.  And we did talk.  For a while, from what I remember.  But  I also remember that we kissed.  And I don’t really remember if we “dated” but I wore his number on my powder puff jersey.  And he came to my house a couple of times.  And we even wrote to each other briefly after he went off to college.

It was, in a word, amazing.  I felt like a celebrity in a sense because he was older and popular.  And for a brief moment in time I felt popular too.


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