I Want A Refund

April 23, 2010 at 7:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Who is it that first came up with the idea of the prince/princess story?  I mean really, do we want to sell our daughters such a false bill of goods?  I keep wondering why we perpetuate the myth of the all-knowing, all doing, “perfect” man.  The mysterious, intelligent drifter.  The home town boy done good.  The driven, handsome, successful man searching for the woman of his dreams.  He finds her in the most unsuspecting places.  I rekindled love from high school whom he hasn’t seen for years but has secretly harbored love for.  The driver of the luxury car that has just rear-ended an unsuspecting single woman looking for love.  Honesty, it’s such a crock of shit and somehow most of us women fall for it, on some level, hook line and sinker.  So what is it about the completely impossible fantasy mate that writers/directors/actors keep shoving down our throats?  And why do we keep eating it up?  How is any real man expected to compete when our fantasies have been filled with such impossibly perfect models of perhaps what we should be looking for in men?  It’s impossible.  So I want a refund on the fantasy sold to me that will never come true.

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