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What I remember most about first seeing him is the yellow slicker he was wearing.  Lost in a sea of students at a football game he stood out like a beacon in the night.  It must have been raining…or at least misting…why else would one be wearing a slicker?  You see there were two junior high schools (or middle schools to you swanky folks) that merged into one high school in my town.  So there were a whole bunch of new people we had the opportunity to get to know when we went to high school.  I was with my friend Leslie, who happened to be a new friend from the other school and I’m thinking I need to ask her how it is we became friends.  I’m fairly certain it was because we sat together in French class.  Regardless….she knew him and I did not.  But I wanted to know him.  She kept telling me no, you don’t want to know him.  And I kept telling her yes, yes indeed I did want to know him.  I needed to know him.  And so, against her better judgement, she introduced us.   And that is where it all began…..

Looking Back

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I’ve been reflecting on a lot of things – good and bad, real and imagined.  It seems when I’m at a crossroads it is the place I most often find myself.   Trying to find a balance between what is and what if.  Remembering the past, appreciating the present, pondering the future.  Is it possible for the present and past to become the future in an unanticipated mix?   What about collateral damage?  Does it matter?  What does matter?  Doing what is right or what is best?  There is a difference and I’m lost between them.  Fearful that I’ve wasted an opportunity and yet somehow convinced that this path I’m on, the one that led me away, has somehow started to lead me back around to where I’ve been.

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