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What I remember most about first seeing him is the yellow slicker he was wearing.  Lost in a sea of students at a football game he stood out like a beacon in the night.  It must have been raining…or at least misting…why else would one be wearing a slicker?  You see there were two junior high schools (or middle schools to you swanky folks) that merged into one high school in my town.  So there were a whole bunch of new people we had the opportunity to get to know when we went to high school.  I was with my friend Leslie, who happened to be a new friend from the other school and I’m thinking I need to ask her how it is we became friends.  I’m fairly certain it was because we sat together in French class.  Regardless….she knew him and I did not.  But I wanted to know him.  She kept telling me no, you don’t want to know him.  And I kept telling her yes, yes indeed I did want to know him.  I needed to know him.  And so, against her better judgement, she introduced us.   And that is where it all began…..


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