Little Girl Lost

July 27, 2010 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

There once was this girl who was really quite  quiet and shy.  She wasn’t one to approach strangers and initiate a conversation but would much  rather hang back, assess the situation and try to figure out how to “make friends” from there.  Because of this approach to new social situations,  people would tell her that she was cold and unapproachable.   And this label hung with her for a very long time.  And she wore it like a shield to protect herself from the possible hurt of rejection.  And it held her back from taking the steps to meet some people that she really wanted to meet.   Even though there were some people she really wanted to meet.  And know.  And possibly date.  Somewhere along the way she realized that what other people thought mattered but not as much as she thought it did.  And that people who wanted to know her would make an effort to break through that “cold” and “unapproachable” exterior.  And people did.  And over a great period of time this girl changed into a confident person who could initiate new friendships and navigate the ups and downs of life.  But somewhere she got lost again and found her way back to the cold and unapproachable girl she was.  But not in the same way – in a different way.  Life had handed her some things that were so twisted that even the most cunning stranger could not break through this new, improved exterior.  So now she searches the past to find the key to the future that will once again allow her to open the doors to new and exciting things.

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